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Posted on: 27 May 2018


Speeches of Shri Datta Swami In First World Parliament On Spirituality Part-1

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About His Holiness Shri Datta Swami

Shri Datta Swami, shortly called as Swami and called as Venu Gopala Krishna Murthy in His earlier stage of life, is a retired Professor of Chemistry. By the age of 16, He was the author of 100 philosophical books in Sanskrit and by 19, He earned a Doctorate in Chemistry. His thesis contains a supersonic technique invented by Him for estimation of heterogeneity of materials in solid state and He had several research papers published in international journals to His credit. His works in Sanskrit mainly bring unity in the philosophies of Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva uniting the three sub-religions of Hinduism. Later, His speeches in English are mainly on the unity of religions of the world to bring peace in world. He says that He is an intensive devotee of Lord Dattatreya and several disciples believe Him to be an incarnation of Dattatreya, who came down to bring peace in the world.

We believe that Swami is ‘the great genius’ as mentioned by Nostradamus, in whose words, the great genius is a Vedic scholar cum Scientist coming from a country (South India) surrounded by three seas to establish the Universal Spirituality. Swami satisfies all these points. For this special spiritual program, God Dattatreya appeared to Swami on Shrishailam Hill and merged with Him. Swami says “God Datta performed several miracles through Me as bottom level proof and spoke excellent spiritual knowledge through Me as top level proof. This spiritual knowledge spoken by God Datta is related to high level devotees to show right direction in their spiritual path. The miracles performed by God Datta are related to low level devotees, who try to exploit the miracles for relief from worldly tensions, which are punishments of their sins only. Miracles don’t cancel the punishments, but, postpone the punishments to future with increased interest. The only way to get rid off all the punishments (present and pending) is reformation of soul by realization (Knowledge), repentance (devotion) and finally non-repetition of sin (practice)”.

All the photos, presented here, are developed based on the same photo of Swami to indicate the unity. The three photos of Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva indicate the unity of the three sub-religions of Hinduism. The five photos around in the emblem of website indicate the unity of world religions.

This book contains the first speech of Swami given in the First World Parliament on Spirituality followed by the abstracts of some other speeches of Swami. In the end, the abstracts of speeches and articles presented for souvenir of the First World Parliament on Spirituality, compiled by me, are also presented. For more information please visit: www.universal-spirituality.org.

- Dr. Nikhil Kothurkar, Associate Professor, Chemical Engg. & Materials Science, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham, Coimbatore, India


First Speech of Shri Datta Swami in First World Parliament on Spirituality on 19—12—2012

O Learned devotees and servants of God!

The Veda says that God is unimaginable and is beyond words, beyond mind, beyond intelligence and beyond even imagination. He is beyond form and formless. Earth is with form and space is formless. God is beyond both earth and space since both are created by Him. The objects with form and formless objects are present in the space. If God is imaginable, there is multiplicity in the imaginable items and hence, everybody is fascinated to a specific imaginable item. Somebody says that Sun is God, somebody says light is God and somebody says that space is God. This leads to different philosophies and religions resulting in quarrels disturbing world peace and sometimes ending in terrorism.

There can’t be even two unimaginable items. Unimaginable must be one only and hence, the unimaginable God must be one only. Every religion says that their God only created this earth and humanity on it, but, unfortunately, there is one earth only and hence, there is one God only, who is the Father of all this humanity. Since creation is imaginable and creator is unimaginable, all these human beings of humanity are imaginable items only, which can’t even imagine God. Hence, unimaginable God expresses Himself through an imaginable medium for the sake of humanity, to give right spiritual knowledge for the right direction in the spiritual journey, which is the primary aim. For this, the best convenient medium is only human form and not inert objects. Of course, any inert object can be treated as representative model of God for the sake of developing personal theoretical devotion to God. Even though direct service to unimaginable God is not possible, it is possible in the case of contemporary human incarnation or mediated God. Krishna, Buddha, Mahaaviir, Jesus, Mohammad etc., are such human incarnations. God comes, at least, once in human form in every generation, sometimes, in different human forms simultaneously in different countries also so that God is not partial to one human generation only without reason. One generation only does not contain good people to justify that God came only once since every generation contains both bad and good people. Buddha’s silence about God should not be misunderstood as negation of God as misunderstood by His followers. His silence means that God, who is unimaginable, is beyond words. Mohammad, Himself being human incarnation, did not accept the concept of human incarnation since His preceding human incarnation, Jesus, was crucified by the fellow human beings suffering with excess of ego and jealousy towards co-human beings. A training under headline ‘service to humanity is service to God’ is essential for a human being to remove the jealousy towards co-human beings so that humanity recognizes the contemporary human incarnation and does direct service to God. Such meeting the alive contemporary human incarnation is called as Yoga, which means very fortunate union. For service, good mental and physical heath is needed, but, unfortunately, today, Yoga is confined to mere health exercises only! This one unimaginable God comes to different countries on this earth in different human forms to propagate the same contents of the same spiritual knowledge in different languages following different external cultures. Therefore, God being one creator and one Father of humanity on earth, preached the same spiritual knowledge simultaneously in all disconnected countries, in past, from the beginning of creation, by coming in different human forms. Hence, there is no partiality of God to one region and religion. He is the impartial divine Father of humanity. But, every conservative religion says that their human incarnation alone is the God and His message alone is the right path! These conservatives don’t have patience to examine the unity of contents in the scriptures of various religions. If this argument of these conservatives is correct, God becomes partial without reason for giving the right knowledge to one country only with which all other countries were disconnected. When Krishna spoke the Gita in India, all the disconnected foreign countries could not receive the Gita during the same time of His incarnation in India. If you say that India alone contained good people so that partiality of God is justified, it is not correct since India contained several evil people also, who fought with Krishna. Same criticism applies to conservatives of any religion in the world. India was discovered by Vasco da Gama in 1700 AD, after 1700 years from the delivery of the Holy Bible by Jesus in Jerusalem. In these 1700 years, more than 17 human generations have passed away in countries disconnected to Jerusalem after the time of His incarnation in Jerusalem, which (17 generations) didn’t have the opportunity of coming in to contact with Jesus and the Bible and they have gone to liquid fire in the hell, unnecessarily, for their no fault. Had there been any contact with Jesus and the Bible, at least, some of them might have been saved. The communication gap between India and Jerusalem was not the fault of these 17 generations. If you say that Jerusalem alone contained good people, it is not correct since Jesus was crucified by bad people at that time in that region only. Conservatives of this religion have no answer to this criticism, but, we from Universal Spirituality give excellent answer saying that the same one unimaginable God gave the same subject in the form of various religious scriptures in the various disconnected countries from the beginning of His creation. Anybody in any country following these contents went to God and those, who opposed these contents, went to hell. Hence, God is devoid of partiality. If the conservatives, still, say that let God be foolishly partial, I salute and leave them! This logic in knowledge should satisfy the present people of advanced scientific analysis, who can’t be convinced by appeals to heart telling the story of sea frog and well frog as said by Swami Vivekananda. Time is changing very fast. Today, no heart is functioning. Only brain is functioning (loud claps from audience).

The scientist need not negate the existence of unimaginable God saying that everything is imaginable or explicable. They refuse miracles, which are unimaginable events indicating the unimaginable God as the source. But, they agree to infinite space, which has unimaginable boundary! Hence, unimaginable item is agreed by scientists. The unimaginable boundary of space itself is unimaginable God. The imaginable space ends at its boundary like the water ends at the boundary of ocean. The land, which is different from water, appears as the boundary. Similarly, the unimaginable God appears as the boundary of imaginable space or universe. If you follow the track of smoke, it ends at its boundary, which is different from fire. Fire is generator of smoke. Similarly, this imaginable space or world ends and its boundary, which is its generator called as unimaginable God. Space should not exist in its generator-God. If it exists, it means that space exists before its generation! This is absurd and impossible. Therefore, God is not having space or spatial dimensions in Him. You can’t imagine anything having no spatial dimensions even if you concentrate in your imagination for million years. Hence, God is unimaginable item. The creator-God is unimaginable and His unimaginable nature is proved by miracles, which are unimaginable events.

The creation is imaginable, which is in two forms:- i) The visible matter and ii) invisible energy. Of course, the invisible energy is also visible in certain range of frequencies. The invisible energy is in two forms:- i) inert energy and ii) non-inert awareness. The inert energy working in a specific system is transformed into a specific work like respiration in lung-system, circulation in blood vessel-system etc., Similarly, inert energy functioning in nervous system is transformed in to a specific work, called as awareness or soul. Hence, soul is a part of the imaginable creation only and not the unimaginable creator. The human being can be assumed as a single phase system, in which matter and energy are homogeneously mixed. When a selected human being is charged by the unimaginable God or the third component, that charged human being-system becomes human incarnation. Father of heaven is again the mixture of unimaginable God and the first energetic being, like any angel, made of soul and energetic body in the upper world. The departed human being is also like an angel having its soul in an energetic body. The human being is always unable to recognize the unimaginable God and hence, treats the human incarnation, here, as human being only. The human being neglects human incarnation here and the same human being in energetic body, when goes to the upper world, neglects energetic incarnation in the upper world also. Everywhere, the principle is repulsion between common media and human soul loses God here and there, forever. If the human being recognises human incarnation here, it will recognize energetic incarnation, who is the Father of haven or mediated absolute God, there also, in the upper world. The absolute God is the unimaginable God and the human or energetic incarnation resulting by homogeneous merge of Father of heaven with human being or energetic being respectively is relative God. The relative God or human incarnation, here, is identified by true knowledge as per the Veda saying “Satyam jnaanam anantam Brahma”. Science, called as logic in ancient days, is the analysis of creation, which can’t help in directly identifying the absolute unimaginable God, but, science helps in the identification of every constituent of this imaginable creation and helps in denying those imaginable constituents as God. The Veda says “Neti netiityaachakshate tadvidah”, which means that you can identify unimaginable God only by denying everything in this imaginable world. This means, God is identified as unimaginable item. For example, soul is thought to be God, but, science proves that soul or awareness is only a specific work form of the inert energy working in a specific functioning system, called as nervous system. You may doubt that how Shankara told that soul is God. Ramanuja and Madhva also told that soul is not God. This contradiction in the three sub-religions of Hinduism can be resolved by one simple point:- The three philosophies speak about the soul in human incarnation only and not about the ordinary soul of any human being. When the current charges metallic wire, you can have both versions:- i) that the electrified wire can be treated as current for all practical purposes since the wire touched anywhere gives the shock, the property of electricity and also ii) that current and wire are totally different entities from each other because current is a stream of electrons and metallic wire is a stream of metallic crystals. Thus, the resolution of this contradiction in the sub-religions of Hinduism is a stepping stone to remove the contradiction between the religions in the universe to establish world peace, since philosophies of world religions are the philosophies of sub-religions of Hinduism only.

I conclude:- In ancient India, Kings spent lot of funds on spiritual education, which is a theoretical subject as felt by the present people, without realizing its practical effect. The spiritual education established:- i) faith in unimaginable God, who punishes the sinner in unimaginable ways even if the sinner escapes the law here and ii) fear for hell, which controls the sins like corruption of money due to greediness, illegal sex and violence, which are said in the Gita to be the three main gates of hell. This resulted in perfect peace and in avoiding necessity of force of police and courts, which are unable to control sins ending in present chaos. You can’t blame Me for not showing the hell to you since you too are unable to show Me the absence of hell in this infinite space. In this 50-50 probability of existence and non-existence of hell, it is better to err on safer side, which is not doing sin believing in the existence of hell since there is no damage to soul if sin is not done and hell is absent, but, the soul is terribly damaged if sin is done and hell is present! Conferences of this type should be encouraged by Government-funds so that the spiritual education is strengthened and this effect reduces the strain of the Government in controlling sin by avoiding the sin at root level itself in the society (loud claps from audience). This is the tremendous value of spirituality! Governments have forgotten this point and are supporting the technical education only, which is the education of materialistic progress and not the education of spiritual discipline. Without the discipline, materialistic progress is useless and harmful! Hence, Governments shall support spiritualism like the ancient kings. In ancient days, the sin was fully controlled by itself and there was no need of controlling systems like police and courts so that the society was in peaceful way by itself. This is the highest achievement for any Government aiming at peaceful society.

Abstracts of Other Speeches of Shri Datta Swami

1) Universal Religion (Universal Spirituality)

O Learned and devoted servants of God!

The philosophies of all world religions are the same philosophies of sub-religions in Hinduism, which represents a mini world religion. Monism (Advaita) of Shankara is seen while Jesus told that He is the truth and light. Monism due to inseparable dualism (Vishishta Advaita) of Ramanuja is seen while Jesus told that He is the son of God. Dualism (Dvaita) of Madhva is seen while Jesus told that He is the messenger of God. Prophet Mohammad of Islam stuck to dualism only eradicating the concept of human incarnation to avoid ego and jealousy of human devotees resulting in the crucifixion of His preceding prophet called Jesus. Swami Dayananda also was killed through food poisoning by conservatives fascinated to idol worship and caste system by birth even though He also eradicated the concept of human incarnation. Buddha, 9th incarnation of God Vishnu, kept silent on God indicating the unimaginable God beyond words and His silence was mistaken by the followers as the negation of God. Jainism gives maximum stress on non-violence, which is told as climax of justice (Ahimsaa paramo dharmah). Science is also a religion keeping silent on the unimaginable God and His unimaginable miracles like Buddhism. Science helps the spiritual knowledge indirectly by negating the items of creation like soul to be God and negation of all items of imaginable creation results in identification of leftover unimaginable God. Atheism is good in opposing false exploitations of innocent devotees by projecting magic as miracle. But, even though genuine unimaginable miracles appear, atheism blindly negates these miracles and their source, the unimaginable God.

The Universal Religion exhibits the merits of all world religions in its Universal Spirituality. The merit of Hinduism is spiritual knowledge established by very deep analysis. The merit of Islam is the emotional devotion with full faith on God. The merit of Christianity is sacrifice of service and sacrifice of fruit of work in divine programmes. The merit of Buddhism is to eradicate desire so that divine service is done without aspiration for any fruit in return. The merit of Jainism is to follow non-violence strictly. The merit of Aryasamaaj established by Swami Dayananda is not to treat idols directly as God and to decide the caste based on qualities and deeds only. The merit of science is to analyse the imaginable creation as the final authority, which results in the indirect identification of existence of unimaginable God. The merit of atheism is to oppose the exploitation of innocent devotees with miracle like magic.

The Universal Religion is not a separate religion since it pervades all the religions like the Central Government in India pervading all the state Governments. A citizen belonging to a state Government simultaneously belongs to the central Government so that the citizen of any state is simultaneously an Indian. The Universal Religion only recommends every religion to be followed sincerely without hatred to other religions.

2) Reformation of Soul

Almost, every human being is suffering with tensions, which are the punishments of their sins done now or in the previous birth. God has full freedom to use any punishment from the list at any place and at any time for the reformation of soul as the true preacher (Sadguru), even though punishments are generally confined to the hell (upper world or Bhogaloka) only so that the soul is not disturbed in its spiritual efforts here (earth or Karmaloka). You can’t avoid the punishments by worship of God, which may give you benefits separately. Priests say that the worship will remove difficulties in view of their earnings through worships. Yoga (diverting attention of mind on some object) also can’t give permanent relief, which may give temporary relief like wet cloth on the forehead of patient suffering with fever. Attainment of self (Atma Yoga) by detaching ‘I’ from body or falsely assuming that self is God (Advaita) is also a temporary relief. Even if you exploit miraculous powers of God in human form and get relief from these punishments, it is only temporary relief. All these paths of temporary relief postpone the punishments to future with increased interest!

The permanent relief from the fever like punishment of sin can be attained by only from antibiotic medicine like reformation of the soul, which is in three steps:- i) Realisation of this truth for a permanent solution (spiritual knowledge), ii) Repentance for past sins (emotional devotion) and iii) Non-repetition of sin (practice). The third step is the final deciding step. If the soul is reformed, God cancels all the pending punishments resulting in total disappearance of tensions. The basis for this is that punishment is not for vengeance, but, for reformation only so that the sin is not repeated. If reformation is attained by the soul, there is no need for any further punishment.

3) The Sequence of Three Divine Preachers:-

Shankara stressing on spiritual knowledge (Jnaana Yoga) came first, followed by Ramanuja stressing on devotion (Bhakti Yoga) and finally Madhva came stressing on divine service in practice (Karma Yoga). This is the sequence everywhere in spiritual or worldly issue. On knowing the details of Mumbai city (knowledge), you will develop inspiration to see Mumbai (devotion) and finally take up practical journey (practice). Rukmini heard details of Krishna from sage Narada (Knowledge), developed emotion to attain Krishna (devotion) and after attainment, she didn’t enjoy the post of queen of Dwaraka city, but, pressed the feet of Krishna always being the incarnation of Lakshmi (practical service). Knowledge is like water, devotion is like manure and both these are theoretical. Sacrifice of service and fruit of work (house holders do both whereas saints do only the former) for God is like the tender mango plant. The mango fruit comes from the mango plant only and doesn’t appear even for 100 tanks of water and 100 bags of manure! But, the mango plant can be alive only due to water and can only grow into a tree to give the fruit due to manure only. All the three steps are equally important, but, one should remember that mere theory doesn’t give practical fruit and practice alone gives the practical fruit. God said in the Gita that He will approach you in the same path in which you approach Him.

4) Three Types of Devotions:-

The theoretical devotion (knowledge and emotional devotion) to God is like the application for job. The practical devotion (sacrifice of work and sacrifice of fruit of work) following the theoretical devotion is like the certificate of qualification and experience enclosed with the application. There are three types of devotion observed in devotees:- i) Worst prostitution-devotion of a prostitute speaking cleverly and singing sweet to snatch money from the pocket of customer. This devotee has good spiritual knowledge and emotional devotion (both are theoretical) by the exchange of which, the devotee wants practical boons from God. ii) Middle business devotion of a business man exchanging commodities with the money of customer. This devotee wants practical boons from God through exchange of his practical devotion to God (sometimes, due to lack of faith in God, practical devotion is promised to God to be done after achieving the practical boon only like paying money after getting the item from the business man) and iii) Best issue devotion of parents towards their children doing practical service and practical sacrifice of wealth to children without aspiring any fruit in return from them. Similarly, this devotee shows practical devotion to God with true love not aspiring any fruit in return. In this devotion there is no account of matching values of exchange except the requirement. When the finger of Krishna was cut, Draupadi tore her sari and used that piece of cloth for His bandage. When the sari of Draupadi was dragged in the court to make her naked, Krishna supplied infinite number of saris through miracle. In this exchange, there is no matching of a piece of cloth with infinite number of saris except the requirement of the context!

5) Real Sense of Yoga:-

The word ‘Yoga’ means just attainment. This word is used in its real sense to mean the fortunate achievement of God in the human form. The kundalini, sleeping serpent, indicates the wave of mind (nervous energy) as fascination of human devotee always travelling in curves in crossing six hurdles or worldly bonds represented by wheels and lotus flowers in the path. The curved journey indicates curved dealing with the worldly bonds in attaining the ultimate goal. The wheels are the whirlpools in the worldly ocean catching the swimmer to drown him. The lotus flowers are worldly attractions capturing the black bee or ignorant soul with scent-fascination. The first wheel of earth represents bond with mother. The second wheel of water represents bond with father. The third wheel of fire represents bond with life partner. The fourth wheel of air represents bond with issues. The fifth wheel of space represents bond with false preachers. The sixth wheel of mind represents bond with external medium of God. The seventh wheel of intelligence (analysis) represents identification of unimaginable God with whom the fascination merges and stops journey. In this way, the concept of Yoga shall be understood with the help of these pictures, which have no physical significance as ignorant people believe!

6) Pravrutti and Nivrutti:-

Pravrutti and Nivrutti are the ethical behaviour in the worldly life for the peace of world created and maintained by God and development of personal relationship with God respectively. A girl joined an office as an employee, who is attracted by the personality of the head of the office and wants to marry him. She has to follow the rules and conduct of the office set by the head in order to create a good fundamental impression, which is Pravrutti. After that only, she has to express her love to him for marriage, which is Nivrutti. If the girl becomes corrupt as an employee going against the rules of the head, the impression of the head is spoiled in the first step itself. Hence, nobody can aspire for Nivrutti on failing in Pravrutti. If you fail in Pravrutti, God becomes furious with you and where is the possibility of developing a close personal relationship with Him in future? The personal bonds with God are achieved by effort and not like our family bonds, which are already fixed. God is worshipped in different forms like parents, brother, issues, husband, darling etc., as per the personal taste of the devotee. There is no speciality of any bond and the speciality lies only in the weight of selfless love existing in that bond. Sweets are prepared with pure sugar in the form of swans, parrots, asses etc. The rate to be given depends on the quantity of sweets and not on the form of sweet! Similarly, the mode of worship is also immaterial. Demons couldn’t succeed in Nivrutti even though they expressed their deep devotion to God through penance since they failed in Pravrutti.

7) Need of The Hour at Present:-

Need of the hour at present is establishment of true spiritual knowledge, which is the fundamental foundation for theoretical and practical devotion. The truth in real devotion is sacrifice without aspiring any fruit in return from God. This truth is missing in the theoretical and practical devotion to God at present. Theoretical devotion like singing songs on God and practical devotion like sacrifice of service and fruit of work are already well grown and are still growing day by day. There is no further necessity to develop these both. The defect is that these both are developing in wrong direction, which is aspiration of some fruit from God in return. If the right direction is to be given, that is only the true spiritual knowledge, which is the need of the present hour. Hence, at present, God is very much pleased if one participates in the propagation of true spiritual knowledge. You shall not take a devotee (both theoretical and practical) as an authority assuming the existence of previous knowledge (since knowledge generates devotion) because devotion is not only developed by true spiritual knowledge (no aspiration of fruit), but also is developed by false knowledge (aspiration of fruit). You must take devotees like Hanuman and Gopika as the authority since their devotion is without aspiration for any fruit in return from God and hence, their devotion was generated from true spiritual knowledge.

8) Yoga in Divine Sense:-

Yoga in divine sense is the mechanism of enjoyment of God after creating this world. God enjoys both happy and tragic scenes of the world like a spectator seeing the cinema. Even if God participates in this world-drama as incarnation in a role, this God-actor is fully aware about Himself even though He is immersed in the role. He enjoys both happiness and misery as we enjoy both sweet and hot dishes in our meals. This equality in enjoyment of both happiness and misery is Yoga for God, who gets continuous entertainment (without break) or bliss. In the case of human being, bliss (Aananda) is not happiness concentrated by higher quantity since there is a maximum limit to withstand it, but, it means continuous happiness (in the sense of time and not quantity), which is the ultimate goal. Why the human being is failing in this line to enjoy this world with continuous happiness like God? The only reason is that the pending punishments of sins are waiting to be received by the human being, which disturbs the continuous happiness. This reason must be first removed by the soul through reformation and then only it can succeed in its effort to achieve this goal.

9) Tests of Devotees by God Datta:-

Tests of devotees by God Datta are not for discouraging the devotees, but, to show their real positions in the spiritual path since many devotees think their positions as far higher! In the test of God, there are only two results:- pass and failure. The theoretical devotion must always be accompanied by the practical implementation as the proof of truth in the devotion. Practical devotion is practical sacrifice of work and fruit of work to God. Greedy devotees try to escape practical devotion by saying that God is omnipotent to do His work and God is the giver to all and hence, no need of sacrifice of fruit of work to Him! What is said is correct, but, what is the guaranty that your theoretical devotion is true without the proof of practice? What is the proof that you are not speaking like this in order to colour your greediness? If God is not giving an opportunity to devotees to express their truth through practical devotion, how the devotees will be uplifted? If the devotees are uplifted based on theoretical devotion only, how to differentiate false theoretical devotees escaping the practical implementation due to greediness?

Sadguru is the human incarnation-preacher whereas Guru is the human preacher revising the concepts of Sadguru. When you serve Guru, there is a need for him whereas Sadguru has no need being the giver to all. Still, Sadguru also asks (like Shirdi Sai Baba) for your sacrifice to test the truth in your theoretical devotion, though He is giver to all including you. A grandfather brought a packet of biscuits and gave to his daughter-in-law without the knowledge of the grandson. The grandson is eating the biscuit given by his mother. The grandfather asks for a piece of it to test the true love of his grandson on him, not based on its need. Ignorance of the giving of packet biscuits also helps the truth of love of grandson.

When God Datta tests a devotee by giving difficulties, devotees feel these difficulties as unnecessary extra strain taken by them for the tests. This is totally false. God uses only the punishments of the sins scheduled in that time as His tests for true devotion. Even otherwise, those difficulties have to be faced in that time. When these difficulties are modified into tests by God, the devotee has the possibility of extra fortune to pass the test and get the grace of God.

10) Social Service:-

Social service without spiritual side gives only temporary heaven like the temporary position of a minister given by votes through such mere social service. The same associated with divine service leads the soul to the permanent abode of God. When you are donating to poor with money, it may be wasted by the vices of the poor due to lack of spiritual knowledge. If spiritual knowledge is also given, the poor person will be born as rich in all future births also since his vices were responsible for the present poverty. Always, donate the poor with the necessary material, but, not with money. A needful guru can be helped with money so that he will use it for his need, which is not known to you. While helping the poor, importance must be given to children, old people, diseased and disabled while helping others with work to earn. Donating undeserving and not donating deserving-both are sins. Sacrifice must be done only after having special knowledge (called as Samvit by the Veda), which discriminates deserving and undeserving. Donation to deserving receiver is the real life of the donation and generally devotees ignore this and donate hastily to any receiver giving importance to place (like temple) and time (festival). In helping poor, such discrimination is not necessary since it is based on emergency (Aapat Dharma). Service must start from the lowest level, which is giving food, cloths, shelter and medicine to the lowest deserving beggars by building ‘beggar homes’ everywhere and this basic activity must be done by Government, rich people and trusts.

11) Sacrifice of Fruit of Work:-

Sacrifice of fruit of work is given more value than sacrifice of work because money can get any work done and every work does not achieve money. Work is a form of energy and money is a form of condensed energy (matter) and the higher value of matter than energy is formulated by Einstein (E=MC2). This is the reason why an employer giving money for work is more respected by you than a shopkeeper giving matter (commodity) for matter (money). The householder is more valuable than saint since saint can’t do sacrifice of fruit of work. The household-state is praised by scriptures as the highest of all four states (Aashramas). The Veda said that sacrifice of money alone leads the soul to the highest grace of God (Dhanena tyaagena ekena...). Krishna made a better representation of this fact by saying that sacrifice of fruit of work (Karmaphalatyaaga) is higher than sacrifice of money earned by ancestors since money earned by hard work is stronger bond and sacrifice of strong bond is more valuable than sacrifice of weak bond! In this concept, the value of the percentage of sacrificed in the total value of possessed brings the real result and hence, rich and poor are not differentiated. It is the attitude of sacrifice based on the digested spiritual knowledge that decides this percentage. A poor beggar sacrificing one coin is appreciated by Jesus as higher than any other rich person donating several coins. Sudaama, the poorest, sacrificed a handful parched rice brought on loan from neighbour to the Lord Krishna without aspiration for anything in return and was blessed with infinite wealth by Him and this is, perhaps, the only donation by Krishna! If God is fond of money like a businessman, He would have given value to the magnitude of the sacrifice irrespective of the possessed wealth.

12) Rebirth of Soul:-

Rebirth of soul is accepted by Hinduism and not by other religions. Other religions say that there is no rebirth at all to the soul since the final judgement is given by God for hell or heaven permanently to every soul in the end of the dissolution of this world. This is very good concept since every soul becomes very serious in this human birth itself like a student having no opportunity for next examination. Hinduism also says that after death, the soul goes to the chain of good births (heaven) or to the chain of worst births (hell) and thus, is correlated with other religions. Hinduism says that the human rebirth is very rare and this can be correlated to an exception of the general rule. The exception is allowed by the omnipotent God in deserving rare case. If a human being has achieved appreciable success in spiritual progress and if there is a hope that it will complete its effort by one more human birth, the omnipotent God grants it. Thus, there is no difference between religions if analysis is done.


(To be continued...)