Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 17 Aug 2023


Surgery with zero complication by Swami's grace

[By Shri Nitin]


Jai Guru Datta,

I would like to share a miracle that Swami graced me and my family with recently.

Sometime ago, Swami had warned me and my brother, Nihal, to not travel out of the city in the near future. He had told us that our time was bad, and that we would be safer staying in Hyderabad.

Despite this warning from Swami, my brother, Nihal, decided to go on a trip with his friends. As fate would have it, Nihal had an accident and fractured his leg very badly.

He somehow returned to Hyderabad, after which we got his leg diagnosed. It turned out to be a very serious tibial fracture. The doctor recommended a surgical procedure that would involve inserting a plate in the leg to fix the tibial fracture.

My parents were very worried. However, I knew that Swami would take care of us and requested Him to suggest the best way forward. Swami asked me to contact Hrushikesh anna, whose mother knew someone at Gandhi Hospital.

Hrushikesh anna talked to the doctor and got us an appointment soon after.

Now, Gandhi Hospital is a government hospital. If you have ever been to a government hospital, you will know that nothing ever gets done in time. The doctors and nurses are busy treating hundreds of cases, and it is unlikely that they will be able to give the proper attention to just one patient.

In our case, however, when we went to the hospital, within no time, a junior doctor came to us and started taking care of Nihal like his own brother. He diagnosed Nihal’s injury and told us to get a couple of tests done.

At Gandhi Hospital, unless you know someone at the hospital, getting these tests done may take days as you will have to wait in the queue with hundreds of other people.

But that day, the hospital turned out to be almost empty by the grace of Swami.

All my brother’s tests were done within a few hours. In fact, when we got lost looking for the person who would do the ECG or the CT-Scan, someone would miraculously come out of nowhere and would guide us to the right place. This is unheard of in a government hospital! Even doctors, nurses and administrative staff aren’t helpful in a typical government hospital, but in our case, random strangers came to help us.

This was clearly a sign from Swami that He was taking care of my brother.

After all the tests were done, the junior doctor examined Nihal’s leg and noticed that there was some inflammation. He told us that my brother will need to be admitted to the hospital and that they can perform surgery only after the swelling comes down. The doctor told us that it may take 4-6 days for the inflammation to subside.

My father got a little worried. He immediately called Swami and asked Him if my brother can be brought back home until the swelling subsides. Swami told my father not to worry and to keep my brother at Gandhi Hospital itself for a night.

By the next day, the swelling on my brother’s leg had completely subsided. Even the doctor was shocked! A condition like that would take at least 4-6 days to heal but in my brother’s case, Swamiji showered His grace, and Nihal’s swelling came down within a day.

My brother was immediately admitted for surgery. The Head of the Orthopedic department himself performed the surgery and personally assured us that Nihal’s leg would become better. We didn’t even know the doctor and he was giving us reassurances! By the infinite grace of our Swami, the operation went absolutely smoothly.

My brother was discharged from the hospital in a matter of days.

Swami performed miracle after miracle in our case to ensure my brother’s leg fully healed. My family and I owe an eternal debt of gratitude to our Satguru, Shri Datta Swami, who is the Parabrahman in human form.

Thank you, Swami, for your infinite, reasonless compassion!

Jai Guru Datta Swami.