Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 12 Apr 2024


Swami answers questions of Shri Divakara Rao

1. How did Sages conclude that the bond with a spouse is stronger than that with children?

[Shri Divakara Rao asked: Padanamskaram Swami, Please clarify below mentioned doubts Swami. Sages thought that bond with spouse was stronger than bond with children and with wealth when they approached God Rama to get tested. Can You please explain to me about the logical analysis behind this conclusion by Sages?]

Swami replied:- Sages were always tested in the bond with spouse by the heavenly dancers frequently while doing penance for God. So, they understood the difficulties in that bond, which made them feel the bond to be very strong among the three strongest worldly bonds. Based on this opinion, they approached God Rama to test their bond with their respective spouses. But, when they were born as Gopikas, they realised that the bond with child is the real strongest bond.

2. What should I wish from You while I am praying to You Swami?

Swami replied:- Wish always comes from your heart in a natural way.

3. Can You please explain to me about prarabdha karma, Sanchita karma, Agami and Kriyamaana?

[Regards, Divakara Rao.]

Swami replied:- Praarabdha karma means the specific part of remains of karma (action) in terms of qualities that causes the present birth. Sancita means the total balance of actions to be enjoyed in the future. Aagaami is the future possible action based on the present qualities. Kriyamaana means the action that is being done in the present moment.

4. Sin never gets cancelled unless one gets reformed. If we do rituals to planets, it results in the postponement of bad fruits. Are these statements contradicting?

[Padnamaskaram Swami, I have seen two videos of You explaining the importance of donation of food as per the respective planets to reduce the intensity of suffering in YouTube. You also mentioned that it never eliminates completely and reduces the intensity of suffering only. But as per my understanding through Your knowledge, sin or deed done by the soul never gets cancelled in any way unless the soul gets reformed. If we do the rituals to planets, it only results in the postponement of suffering to some time in the current birth or to future births with added interest. As I believe, these two statements are falling in opposite directions. Can You explain to me, Swami. Regards, Divakara Rao.]

Swami replied:- They are not contradicting because they are two separate paths.