Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 21 Mar 2024


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What is the essence of the ritual performed towards God Chitragupta?

[Shri Divakara Rao asked: Padnamaskaram Swami, In recent days, I heard about "chitragupta nomu" by which we will perform rituals to god Chitragupta. People are saying that if we don't do Chitragupta nomu, whatever rituals (nomulu) performed will not yield the results. What is the real essence of this ritual performed towards God Chitragupta. Please apologise me if I made a mistake Swami. This is the question by my mother. Regards, Divakara Rao.]

Swami replied:- People say that every ritual (nomu) is the best (vratānām uttamaṃ vratam). This is told because the performer of any ritual shall think that the ritual performed by him is the best so that he will perform it with best attention. For a good purpose, a lie is always told, which is not a sin. Whatever is said for this ritual of Citragupta will be told for every ritual. You need not be confused at all. Citragupta is the recorder of our sins. People feel that if Citragupta is worshipped, he will do some favour to us by omitting certain sins atleast from the record! These minds of human beings are terrible and horrible! Citragupta is very sincere in recording the sins of any soul without any partiality. Appreciating his sincerity in the service of God, we must worship him.