Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 06 May 2024


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What is the internal essence of the Sindhuram mixture applied to Hanuman's body?

[Shri Satthi Reddy asked: Mee Paada Padmaalaku Namaskaram Swamiji. Swamiji, in Paraashara Samhitha, after punishing Shani, Hanumanji asked for a word from Shani, whoever worships Him, on Saturday, that Shani should reduce the intensity of bad fruit of soul. Please explain Swamiji about the sindhuram mixture applied to Hanumaji's body. How Shani's wounds got cured and the internal essence of Sindhuram mixture and what type of karma should be done for reformation? 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏]

Swami replied:- The internal meaning of this story is that one shall worship Hanuman so that the dedication and service done by Hanuman to His contemporary human incarnation (God Rama) can be developed. To encourage this concept, it is told that Shani will reduce his bad intensity on souls. Shani is the deity (Jnaana kaaraka) of spiritual knowledge and improves spiritual progress by giving the punishments of the bad deeds of the soul. Difficulties are always congenial for spiritual development.