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Posted on: 17 Apr 2024


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What is Your internal sense in Your following statements?

[Ms. Thrylokya asked:- Paadanamaskaram, Swami. Today is Shri Raama Navami. You told to us several times the following joke — “I have established the two most important concepts: i) Importance of the contemporary human incarnation and ii) The sacrifice of fruit of work to the contemporary human incarnation. I have told that God Datta merged in Me so that I am the contemporary human incarnation. The result of this concept is that you have to sacrifice your fruit of work to Me. This is the plot, which I have framed to earn money! You are falling in My trap without doing analysis!”

Swami, filtering the joke side, please tell me Your internal sense in this concept.]

Swami replied:- Since you have asked Me this question, I will have to reveal the secret of this concept because I promised that I will propagate only the true spiritual knowledge (Satyaṃ jñānamanantaṃ Brahma - Veda). In this concept, the three component points are perfectly true:- i) The relevant contemporary human incarnation is to be worshipped by humanity. ii) Practical sacrifice of fruit of work (Karma Phala Tyaaga) is the highest final step in spiritual effort (Tyāgāt śāntiranantaram - Gita). The sacrifice of fruit of work is the earring-pin-stud for the salvation-ear jewel. The Gopikas reached the highest Goloka only by sacrificing  butter, which was the fruit of their work, to their contemporary human incarnation, God Krishna. This practical sacrifice is the real proof for the true theoretical devotion. iii) I am the contemporary human incarnation of God Datta, who came to establish true spiritual knowledge. Even though all this is true, all are not deserving for the grace of God Datta. Hence, the above said illusion (Maayaa) is created by Me so that all undeserving worldly-minded devotees are thrown out from the grace of God Datta. Only a few deserving devotees will realize this truth and get liberated by God Datta. In this way, the above illusion is created by Me to filter the undeserving devotees. Since today is Shri Raama Navami, I cannot speak a lie and immerse you in the illusion. If today was some other day, I might not have revealed this illusion.