Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Jul 2024


Why is putreshanaa so strong, which is seen by me in all parents?

[Shri Satthi Reddy asked:- Paadanamaskaaram Swami]

Swami replied:- Putreshanaa (fascination to own children) is the strongest among the three strongest worldly bonds. The other two are Dhaneshanaa (fascination to money) and Daareshanaa (fascination to spouse). These are natural bonds in this creation, which are seen even in birds and animals, which are not having even a trace of spiritual knowledge. These bonds are very much natural and there is no need of discussion and analysis about these bonds when they are inevitable for any soul. Hunger and thirst are inevitable for any soul. Birth and death are inevitable for any soul. What is the use of analytical discussion about the inevitable and most natural concepts? No effort is necessary about these concepts because they are already sticking to our souls. Effort is necessary only to achieve the unnatural item, which is fascination to God (Daiveshanaa) because you have to achieve it by effort since it is not sticking to you by itself. In the winter season, you are already suffering with the cold atmosphere. You need not put AC in winter season to achieve the cold atmosphere since the cold atmosphere is already embracing you. You want the unnatural heat in such an atmosphere. For that, you have to put the heater, which is the effort to be put by you. In summer, you are already surrounded by the natural hot atmosphere and for you, there is no need of putting the heater – effort. In order to get rid of the natural hot atmosphere, you have to put on the AC – effort.


Similarly, you need not put any effort for achieving the above three worldly bonds because they are already with you, merged with your soul from the past several births. You need not put any effort to improve your natural fascination towards these natural worldly bonds. In such cold atmosphere of the winter season – worldly bonds, you have to put on the effort to get rid of the suffering due to these worldly bonds and the effort is to achieve fascination towards God, which is the heater. Saadhana means to put efforts to get rid of the natural atmosphere (Dhaneshanaa, Daareshanaa and Putreshanaa) by which you are suffering and to achieve the unnatural atmosphere (Daiveshanaa) by which you will get relief (Salvation) from the old atmosphere simultaneously to get the new atmosphere (Saayujyam) that gives you immense happiness or bliss. The journey of any human being having minimum common sense is to travel from the natural worldly atmosphere giving suffering to you towards the unnatural atmosphere that gives bliss to you.