Shri Datta Swami

Jnana Saraswati – Parabrahma Sutras


7. Unimaginability depends on the imaginable


The concept of unimaginable nature requires the relative existence of the concept of imaginable nature.


To recognize day, night should relatively exist. Similarly, to recognize the existence of unimaginable nature, the imaginable nature must relatively exist. If everything is unimaginable, there is no significance of the very concept of unimaginable nature. Therefore, the world with imaginable items exists, so that the unimaginable nature of God can be recognized significantly through relativity.


If everything is unimaginable, then we cannot call anything as unimaginable. We can say that day exists only as long as there is night for comparison. So to say that God is unimaginable, an imaginable world is also necessary side by side. He has therefore created the world to be imaginable. Only when imaginable exists can you say that the unimaginable exists. If there is no night then there is no day either. Day exists only relatively with respect to night. If it is continuously day alone, then the existence of night cannot be detected. There must be some contrast for detecting the existence of something. Let’s say that X is other than Y. If everything is X then there is no significance of X since there is no non-X entity. So there must be some relative contrast for detecting any item.

Similarly, if only the world exists and everything is imaginable then nobody will say that anything unimaginable exists. When everything is imaginable there is no point in talking about the unimaginable. But to prove that the unimaginable God exists, the imaginable world should exist so that you have the imagination or recognition of the contrast. It is like saying that there are only two numbers, 1 and 2. We say that 2 exists and that which is not 2 is 1.

* * *