Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 11 Feb 2005


Can You give us a song to associate with your picture as Lord Venkateshwara?

[Your picture as Lord Venkateshwara is wonderful and appears as if you are stating that you are Lord Venkateshwara. Can you give us a song to associate with that picture?]

I am the Lord of the seven hills and I am the ruler of the fourteen worlds.

I am the protector in your problems and I am resting on the Lord of the Serpents |

I am the collector of money with interest and I donate all the boons here ||

I am prostrated by you in every step and I measured this earth with one step|

I am the statue in Chilukuru and I am in human form in the house of Chilukuru||

Those who recognize Me alone can come to Me with full faith |

Those who do not recognize Me will go away with a repulsive noise ||