Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 31 Jan 2015


Difference between pravrutti and nivrutti.

[I wonder what the Jews would say to the comment ‘Hindu religion is actually in the top most place among all the religions of the world since it is the only religion that deals with the subject of God (Nivrutti) to the extreme depth.’ How to understand this? - Cheryl Sanderson]

If you see the scriptures in the foreign countries, these scriptures have concentrated more on Pravrutti, which is the ethics of the behaviour of the human beings in a society to maintain peace through justice. In fact, this is the most important practical philosophy on which God always concentrates. In fact, God is extremely pleased about such line only. All the foreign scriptures must be highly appreciated for concentrating on such important line of practical behaviour. A person, failing in such practical behaviour with reference to the society as per the commandments of God, will also fail in his practical behaviour towards God. Hence, this subject (Pravrutti) is the beginning and also the end of spiritual knowledge. Hence, all the foreign scriptures are in the top most place. If you see Hinduism, such Pravrutti is also equally concentrated on par with the foreign scriptures. But, a side branch on the analysis of the very meaning of God has developed to a very deep level and such theoretical analysis of the meaning of God, especially to stand against the arguments of atheists and scientists is called Nivrutti. Such Nivrutti is also important since, practice cannot come out unless you are theoretically convinced with sharp analysis. Unfortunately, immersed in such Nivrutti, the followers of Hinduism are missing Pravrutti. Since both are important, the West and East should exchange. Nivrutti gives the confirmation of the proof of the existence of God and Pravrutti gives the way to please God. Both are equally important in different contexts of time in the spiritual journey.