Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 31 Jan 2015


Hinduism is not the only religion that deals with the subject of God. It is one among others.

[Reply to Esther Blanche Scheidler] I fully agree with you. May be that Hinduism has gone a little deeper in theory than other religions. The pleasure of this credit is disappearing immediately since concentration on theory made Hindus to miss the practical line, which alone pleases God. If you spend all the time in getting convinced to accept the existence of God, God is not pleased with you since you have no time to act to please God. Merit is always associated with defect. Universality of religions is the basis of our entire analysis in which we treat all the religions as one religion only. Development of one aspect in one region (religion) yields good fruits, which can be enjoyed equally by all the religions. There is no difference in terms of superiority or inferiority if the fruit is enjoyed by all as one entity. Paddy is grown in one region and wheat is grown in another region. The people of all the regions in a country get all the grains in food according to the taste and requirement. The concept of one country is the universal religion and different states in a country are the different religions.