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Posted on: 12 Aug 2014


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How can I get back into Lord's good graces?

[Lord Dattatreya I am an ardent devotee of Datta incarnation shri akkalkot maharaj who blessed me and my family with peace and happiness. However for the past two years i feel i have lost his benevolent ashirwad and feel Lord Dattatreya has deserted me. I am confused and sad... How can i get back into Lord's good graces. Please advice. - By Sanjay Shinde]

The problem in your case is attachment of God to the worldly life. God neither helps nor harms you and will not interfere with cycle of your deeds as said in the Gita (Naadatte Kasyachit..., Nakartrutvam...). The happiness and misery alternate regularly like the rods in the moving wheel. God rearranges the fruits of the deeds of any soul in such manner so that nothing is continuous. In fact, the period of misery should not be taken as the loss of His blessings. Instead, it should be taken as His blessing to improve the vigour of your devotion with more attention. Lord says in the Gita that the human being is mistaken by thinking that God blessed or God cursed and all this is due to its ignorance only (Ajnaanenaavrutam jnaanam...). Continue your worship to the Lord irrespective of the ups and downs in your worldly life. Your worship to the God must be completely based on your selfless love aspiring nothing in return from Him just like in the case of your love to your children.