Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 07 Feb 2005


How can there be a competition between the Lord, who is either formless or in statues, and our children?

People, who are unable to sacrifice practically to the Lord, want to make such excuses. They also say that there is no need for the Lord to accept such sacrifice. They do not accept the human form of the Lord, since they want to escape from practical sacrifice. The Lord in human form came to Shaktuprastha and tested him in practical sacrifice. The Lord comes in human form as per the four Maha Vakyas of the four Vedas and the Gita to test your sacrifice. The father asks his child for a chocolate, which was purchased by the father himself. He wants to test the mentality of the child and he does not desire that chocolate. Similarly the entire universe is God’s money alone. There is no difficulty for the Lord to come in the human form. The difficulty lies only in your practical sacrifice. In order to cover your love for your family and your greediness, you reject the human form of the Lord and accept only statues and pictures of the Lord. At the same time you want to get all the benefits and protection from the Lord in this world by acting as if you love Him, by your words, mind, dramatic dress etc. You are offering the food to the statue but you are eating the entire food. You are putting all the jewels on the statue of the Goddess on Friday and you are removing those jewels on Saturday. Therefore you are acting as if you are sacrificing practically but you are not really doing this sacrifice. You think that the Lord can be cheated but the result of your cheating is not good, because the Lord is not pleased. In fact He is furious.

Everywhere in the Gita, Krishna refered to Himself and this means that He is stressing on the human incarnation of the Lord. But several fraud diamonds are also mixed with the true diamond. Poundraka Vasudeva, who got the Shankha [divine conch] and Chakra [divine disc] from Lord Narayana through penance, claimed that he was Lord Narayana Himself. Narayana means the abode of the true and infinite knowledge, which is called Prajnanam. Nobody else can preach such special knowledge. Sage Vyasa says that the human incarnation of the Lord preaches a special knowledge and also uses super powers for deserving devotees. You have to recognize the human incarnation of the Lord without which all the spiritual efforts go waste. Hanuman recognized Rama, who is the human incarnation of the Lord. He could serve Rama very conveniently since the Lord is in the human form.