Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 07 Feb 2005


Should we pray for capacity or for devotion from the Lord?

Devotion is the love for the Lord, which has to be developed by you alone. The Lord cannot give you the love for Himself. Suppose a girl loves you. You can marry that girl. Suppose another girl does not love you. Will you create love in her and then marry her? Love should be spontaneous and can never be created by external effort. You will present a gift to a person who loves you but you will not give a gift and ask him to love you in return. Therefore the Lord gives capacity to His devotee but not devotion. The Gita says “Satvanurupa Sarvasya” which means that the devotion is proportional to the capacity but we see people who are endowed with money or physical strength or both have very little devotion. There are also poor and weak people having full devotion. Therefore the meaning of the above verse must be properly analyzed. The real meaning of this verse is like this: You must decide the devotion of any person according to his capacity (money or physical strength). A millionaire donated rupees five hundred thousand. A poor fellow having ten rupees donated all his ten rupees. The former is only a half devotee and the latter a full devotee. Here the devotion is estimated according to his state of capacity. Therefore Shaktuprastha completely sacrificed the little flour he had. Dharmaraja could not be equal to Shaktuprastha even though he sacrificed crores of rupees because he did not sacrifice completely. Complete sacrifice can alone bring the true grace of the Lord. The result of such full grace is the attainment of Brahma Loka, which means the association with Swami in every birth.