Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 07 Feb 2005


What are the roles of capacity (Shakti) and devotion (Bhakti) in sacrificing work and the fruit of work?

Shaktuprastha could achieve Brahma Loka by the donation of a little flour to God. Sudama achieved lot of wealth by sacrificing a handful of rice to Lord Krishna. Dharma Raja sacrificed a lot of wealth but could not be equal to Shaktuprastha. Dharma Raja gave a lot of jewels and silk clothes to Lord Krishna while doing the Ashwamedha Sacrifice. But Lord Krishna did not give any wealth to Dharma Raja. Therefore the Lord does not see the value of your donation. He will see the percentage of your donation out of your total wealth. Shaktuprastha and Sudama sacrificed whatever they had to the Lord. Therefore the Lord gave whatever He could. Here both the Shakti and Bhakti were complete. Even when you are sacrificing work, the Lord sees whether you have sacrificed all your energy or not. The squirrel was showering some sand particles in the ocean during the construction of bridge. The monkeys were putting in huge stones. The monkeys and the squirrel sacrificed their full energy in the work. When the stones drowned in the water, the monkeys stopped the construction of the bridge due to the lack of complete devotion. But the squirrel continued its work with full devotion. Therefore the Lord patted the squirrel and blessed it. Thus in sacrificing work or the fruit of work, both capacity and devotion should be complete.