Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 09 Feb 2005


What should I do about my anxiety to get a child and good health?

You get everything according to your present deeds and also the past deeds. The Lord has arranged the cycles of your births. In each cycle, happiness and misery are alternately arranged irrespective of the sequence in which you performed the actual good and bad deeds. Even if you have done two sins subsequently, the fruits of the two sins are not given to you subsequently. The result of some good deed is inserted between these two sins. Like this the Lord has arranged all your life cycles at present and in the future. If you pester Him, He brings the result of good deed from some future cycle to the present cycle as a pre-matured fixed deposit with reduced value. By such interference your future life cycles are filled with misery. Then you will scold the Lord crying “O Lord, You have given me only misery from birth to death!” You do not remember your foolish interference in the past birth.

The other way to remove your sins is that the Lord in human form should transfer your sin on Him and should suffer for your sake. This path is possible only when you do not aspire for this path and worship the Lord in human form by sacrificing all your bonds of the world. This is possible only for a true devotee, who never wishes that the Lord should suffer for his or her sake. Such a true devotee worships the Lord without aspiring for anything in return. One has to understand the theory of Karma and the devotion towards Lord. The Lord suffers only for the sins of His true devotees, who really serve the Lord in practice by doing Karma Sanyasa (Sacrifice of work) and Karma Phala Tyaga (Sacrifice of the fruit of work) in His mission without aspiring for anything in return. In such service even an iota of desire should not be present even in a single biological cell of the human being. This is called Nishkama Karma Yoga as emphasized in the Gita.