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Posted on: 10/02/2006

[Mr Anil Antony came to Vijayawada from Mumbai to meet Shri Swami and asked some questions. Following is Shri Swami’s discourse which answers those questions. Maha Satsanga]

You have to live in this world according to the instructions of the Lord. Regarding your life in this world, the essence of His instructions is:

  • Be deceived by others but do not deceive others
  • Be harmed by others but do not harm anyone
  • Be insulted by others but do not insult others
  • Be abused by others but do not abuse others

One cannot attain God by doing penance even for centuries. But there is one easiest way to attain God. When you are deceived by others, harmed by others, insulted by others or when you are abused by others, the Lord comes to your side. It means you have attained God...

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Posted on: 10/02/2006

[Just before departing for Mumbai, Mr. Antony asked Swami “Why don’t You declare Yourself clearly as the present human incarnation”?]

Swami replied “Buddha did not even speak about God and hence there is no question of the topic of the human incarnation in His regard. Therefore, Buddha was safe. Mohammed denied the concept of human incarnation and declared Himself as only the Messenger of God. Anybody can be become a Messenger and therefore, Mohammed was also safe. Lord Krishna emphasized on the concept of human incarnation throughout the Gita, but Krishna told that He was the human incarnation only to Arjuna and not to any other person. Therefore, Krishna was also safe. Jesus told that He was the human incarnation by telling that He and His Father were one and the same...

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Posted on: 09/02/2006

Initially the Lord attracts a human being through miracles and creates belief and devotion in his mind. Thus the human being is converted into a devotee. From the stage of an ordinary human being, the soul carries on the journey to the stage of a devotee. This journey takes place due to the effort of the Lord alone. This is called as the ‘Marjala Kishora Nyaya’, which means ‘the case of a mother-cat carrying its offspring in her mouth’. The effort of the human being is nil in this case. But the human being must have an open mind to receive help from the Lord and to recognize the existence of the supernatural power of the Lord and thereby to recognize the existence of the Lord. The problems and troubles faced...

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Sacred Time Is Whenever One Is Involved With God

Posted on: 14/01/2006

[Makara Sankranti] Today the sun is entering the zodiac sign, Capricorn. The sun represents the knowledge of the intelligence, which is in the final form called decision or determination. The Veda says that the sun initiates the intelligence (Dhiyo Yo Nah). Capricorn is famous for rigidity; when it catches something it will not leave it under any circumstances. Therefore, this whole physical model represents the rigid decision of divine knowledge. From this time onwards, for the next six months, the sun makes its northward journey [from winter solstice to summer solstice]. Indians consider the north as auspicious and divine, because the pure white, sacred snow-capped Himalayas...

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Posted on: 10/01/2006

[Devotees worshipped Swami on the day of this festival (Ekadashi), January 10, 2006] Today you have made Me sit facing the north and you have had the vision of Me in these early morning hours with the faith that Lord Vishnu is seen today through the north gate. You think that the divine abode of the Lord is in the north and that hell is in the south. This is not correct. The Veda says “Duramete Viparite Vishuchi” which means that God and this world are quite opposite like north and south poles. The word Vishuchi means the instrument having two needles pointing in opposite directions like north and south [magnetic compass]. It is only a simile and the concept is that God and the world are diametrically...

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Kashi Gita - 8th Bilva Leaflet

Posted on: 08/01/2006

O humanity! Hear My song -- Be attentive to realize it (chorus)

After preaching Gita the Lord told – Arjuna to take decision as he likes,

God revealed the entire knowledge – but does not influence the decision.

The goal should be fixed by you – and to achieve the goal the path is

Shown by God which, is correct, - several project fraud ways for the goal...

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Kashi Gita - 7th Bilva Leaflet

Posted on: 07/01/2006

O humanity! Hear My song -- Be attentive to realize it (chorus)

Valmiki wrote Yogavasishtham and – Vyasa wrote Brahma Sutras,

Both are scholars of Nivrutti, - their epics are not simple Pravrutti,

They are not simple novels – for entertainment of children as stories.

In Vedas and Shastras you get – confusion frequently in analysis,

These epics are clear spiritual knowledge – with real practical solutions,,,

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Posted on: 06/01/2006

[Following is an abstract of a discourse given by Shri Datta Swami in the town hall at Narasaraopet, on January 6, 2006.]

Shankara preached that this world is Mithya, which does not mean absence of everything or vacuum. He Himself defined the word Mithya as “Sadasat Vilakshana”. It means that it is neither true nor untrue. It is true because it is giving entertainment to the Lord. The Lord created the universe for entertainment as said in the Veda (Ekaki Na Ramate). If the creation is untrue then the Lord again remains alone and thus there is no entertainment to the Lord. But the Veda says that the Lord is entertained and His wish cannot become false, because He is called as “Satya Kamah” by the Veda...

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Kashi Gita - 6th Bilva Leaflet

Posted on: 06/01/2006

O humanity! Hear My song -- Be attentive to realize it (chorus)

Except atheism every level – in spiritual progress is good,

No level should be rejected – or totally condemned because

Gita says that the low levels are – always surrounded by defects

Like the fire surrounded by smoke – in the starting stage.

The lower level should be – appreciated with reference to...

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Kashi Gita - 5th Bilva Leaflet

Posted on: 05/01/2006

O humanity! Hear My song -- Be attentive to realize it (chorus)

Gita says that even the greatest sinner – is good if he is His devotee,

Gita further says that such a sinner - becomes shortly a good person.

The devotee will not become good – simply by singing songs on God

To attain boons from God, – it is a crude primary stage in devotion...

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Kashi Gita - 4th Bilva Leaflet

Posted on: 04/01/2006

O humanity! Hear My song -- Be attentive to realize it (chorus)

I am that Dattatreya born to – sage Atri and mother Anasuya.

I came down from Sahya hill – to establish true spiritual knowledge.

I correct the spiritual preachers, - hence, My students are very few.

In that generation I had only – one student that was Adi Shankara.

The reason is not due to – the high standard of My knowledge...

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Kashi Gita - 3rd Bilva Leaflet

Posted on: 03/01/2006

O humanity! Hear My song -- Be attentive to realize it (chorus)

Modern Science deals with – analysis of the entire creation

With experimental proof – as the best supporting evidence.

The ancient logic, Tarka Shastra, - also deals with creation,

But entire Tarka is – built on the theoretical discussions only,

Hence, modern Science has – an edge over the ancient logic...

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Kashi Gita - 2nd Bilva Leaflet

Posted on: 02/01/2006

O humanity! hear My song -- Be attentive to realize it (chorus)

Shankara asked Me to give way, – He treated Me as untouchable.

The concept of untouchable – in old tradition should be known.

The caste system is only based – on qualities and activities of souls.

Gita says so, otherwise three bodies – in all are one and the same...

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Kashi Gita - 1st Bilva Leaflet

Posted on: 01/01/2006

(Recently Swami stayed at Benaras for a few days and composed this song walking on the bank of the sacred river Ganga. Each chapter is named as the leaflet of Bilva, which is said to be very dear to Lord Shiva.

Swami was repeatedly telling that His skull may be broken in Kashi since He is starting to Kashi on Amavashya, Adivasara (Sunday) and Ashlesha star.  He was telling devotees to throw away His body in to the river there without any trace of worry since the gross body is only the external shirt.  Devotees were deeply pained at His statement.  On the very first day in Kashi, Swami fell on gravel floor.  His skull cracked with terrible pain and face was profusely bleeding with serious injuries.  Swami prayed for Kalabhairava spontaneously through the following songs and a verse at the end...

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Posted on: 25/12/2005

[Christmas Eve Message] When you are isolated from your subtle body, which is made of three qualities and feelings, you are also isolated from the gross body. Then you are identified with your causal body (Atman), which is pure awareness and in that stage you are just a spectator of both the subtle and gross bodies. The gross body of Lord Jesus was crucified and the subtle body was undergoing all the torture and agony. He was confined to His causal body and was watching both the crucifixion of the gross body and the agony of the subtle body. During the process of crucifixion, the reaction and statement of subtle body was in one line, and the reaction and statement of the causal body was in another line...

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Posted on: 24/12/2005

This address was given to a gathering of Hindus and Christians] You are the cream of Christianity and Hinduism. In course of time the devotees of other religions will also join you and make this group a complete representative of Universal Spirituality. I wish that all of you retain the identification of your individual religions. Let this group be a chain of gems of different colours. Let not the other gems be coloured by white paint so that the whole chain can become a garland of only white gems. Let the pearls remain in the garland, which are white in colour. Let them not insist that the other gems also be coloured by white paint. A chain with different coloured gems looks more beautiful than a chain of mere pearls. The thread running through all these gems is Universal Spirituality. Religion is a gem with a particular colour. Spirituality is the thread that is holding...

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Posted on: 18/12/2005

God is the Lord for both Pravritti and Nivritti. You have to please the Lord even in Pravritti. If the Lord is not pleased in Pravritti you cannot please Him in Nivritti. The fundamental requirement to please the Lord in Pravritti is to have satisfaction at every step. Contentment with whatever you have will always please the Lord. You must be happy with whatever is already given to you by the Lord and you must always thank Him for the past. You should not put your eye on the present or the future and put an application to the Lord [you should not aspire for more]. Even if you have travelled from one place to another, you must thank the Lord for having protected you during the journey. You have reached the destiny...

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Posted on: 15/12/2005

[Datta Jayanti] A human being cannot do any work just by his will even after long concentration. The same work happens as soon as the Lord wishes just once. This whole universe is created just by His one wish. Faith is will power concentrated for a long time. Will is common in both the Lord and the human being. Will is a characteristic of awareness. This awareness is a common item in both the Lord and the human being. Therefore, will is also a common item in both the Lord and the soul (human being). All these worlds are created just by one wish of the Lord. But even if the soul wishes one crore times [ten million times] in a highly concentrated way called ‘faith, even an atom cannot be created. When both are forms of awareness...

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Posted on: 02/12/2005

My dear Christians and Hindus, Jesus Christ came to India and He was honoured by Indians. He wandered all over India and several Indians were attracted to His shrewd preaching given with excellent analysis. He lived up to 85 years of age and was buried in Kashmir with all the spiritual honour. Hindus treated Him as their own preacher. Similarly, Christians honoured Swami Vivekananada and His preaching was appreciated. Christians loved Him from the bottom of their hearts. They treated Him as their beloved preacher. No two religions can mix so fast and so homogeneously as Christianity and Hinduism. The reason for this is that the spiritual skeleton of both religions is one and the same. When the skeleton is similar, the flesh and the skin...

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For Scholars Posted on: 27/11/2005

If a Christian loves another Christian as his brother, there is no greatness in it. Similarly, there is no greatness if a Hindu loves another Hindu as his brother. The greatness comes if a Christian loves the Hindu as his brother and vice-versa. A true Christian must love a true Hindu as his brother and should treat a wrong Christian as an outsider. Similarly a true Hindu must love a true Christian as his brother and must treat a wrong Hindu as an outsider. Suppose you are in a white dress. An outsider is also in a white dress, but your own brother is in a blue dress. Based on the colour of the external dress will you treat the outsider who is in the same colour of the dress as your own brother? Will you treat your own brother...

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