Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 26 Aug 2021


Do Gopikas want to please God or to please themselves by their union with Krishna?

[Ms. Laxmi Thrylokya asked: Pādanamaskāram Swami, Thank You so much for revealing about Madhura Bhakti. No preacher till now has given a logical explanation about all the actions performed by Lord Krishna except You. Hereafter, no one can dare to criticize Lord Krishna. All because of You. Thanks a million Swami.

I have a small question regarding the incident where Gopikas threatened Lord Krishna that they would jump into Yamuna if Krishna hadn't danced with them. Krishna was discouraging them by saying that they would go to Hell for such injustice. In this case, do Gopikas want to please God or to please themselves by their union with Krishna? Kindly enlighten me. -At Your Divine Lotus Feet, Laxmi Thrylokya]

Swami Replied:- People are confused about Madhura Bhakti because they thought that only the souls surrendering their bodies to God belong to Madhura Bhakti and the ultimate Goloka. This is totally wrong. If this point is correct, all Gopikas must have reached Goloka since almost all Gopikas attended the secret dance of Krishna in Vrindaavanam. If this point alone is correct, in this Kali age, almost all souls would have reached Goloka and the Goloka should have been the largest world by area and all the other worlds must have been with very small area. The actual point is that the souls for whom all the worldly bonds are naturally dropped without any trace of effort due to the divine taste of bond with God and who are totally blind in the love of God in which even the extreme negative qualities exhibited by God (for the sake of test) were felt as extreme positive qualities alone were granted the special topmost Goloka, which was specially built by God in the end of Dvaapara age.

Gopikas tried to jump into Yamuna River to commit suicide neither to please God nor to please them in dance with God. The actual reason for the attempt to commit suicide is that they were unable to complete their total surrender to God. If you trace back their lives, they were topmost Sages, who surrendered everything to God except their bodies. They know that this is their final birth given by God to them to complete the total surrender. If that purpose is not served, they will have to take another birth to complete their Spiritual journey. Such thought of Madhura Bhakti comes to a soul, which is in the final birth only after completing the total surrender resulting from the total salvation from all types of worldly bonds and after attaining mad stage of devotion to God. Sage Naarada told in the Bhaktisuutram that Gopikas were fully aware of Krishna being the God. Such idea of surrender of body to God was generated in the minds of devoted Sages only and not in the mind of God. God tried His best in opposing such sacrifice by threatening that they will go to hell since it is a very powerful sin in Pravrutti. In fact, Gopikas had to go to hell for such sin. Astonished by Gopikas, who were prepared even to go to hell to suffer with horrible punishment, God took the punishment on Him and relieved Gopikas from that sin. The astonishment of God was so high about the purest and heaviest form of their love to Him that God took the punishments of all their previous sins also and created a special fruit of Goloka for their sake, which was not in the original creation. His suffering of their punishments was not at all a suffering at all because the bliss He got in such suffering was unimaginable even to God!