Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 27 Aug 2021


Why did Krishna sing on the flute in the night to attract Gopikas?

[Ms Lakshmi Thrylokya asked:- 1) You told that God Krishna refused Gopikas threatening them that they will go to horrible hell by breaking the justice of Pravrutti. But, since Gopikas threatened Him that they will jump into Yamuna River if He refused them hence, Krishna has no alternative than to take interest in Gopikas. If this is so, why Krishna gave the flute song in the night to attract Gopikas? Why Krishna winked His left eye towards Gopikas in the evenings while returning from fields with cows (Vāmālokana vāmalocana kṛta spandāya te Vandanam…- Shri Krishna Bhaagavatam)?]

Swami Replied:- God Krishna sitting on the branch of a tree in Brundaavanam was singing on the flute in the night and how can you say that He attracted or called Gopikas by such flute song? Have you decoded the flute song and found out that Krishna called Gopikas? I think, you are doing the job of decoding in IT field! Hence, this cannot stand as strength of your argument. You have quoted a verse in Shri Krishna Bhaagavatam, which says that Krishna winked the left eye on seeing Gopikas in the evenings. I agree to this point. But, when did this happen? When Gopikas threatened Krishna that they will commit suicide if He doesn’t dance with them, finding no alternative, Krishna came down from the tree and danced with them for two years. Once the dance started and Gopikas started surrendering their bodies to God Krishna, during those two years, this incident happened. After this incident, the dance did not start. Hence, the Madhura Bhakti (sweet devotion) was discovered, developed and dragged to climax by the devotees only and not by God. Even if you go to the previous life of Gopikas, they were Sages and wanted to hug God Raama by becoming females.

Therefore, this Nivrutti field was started from the side of devotees only. God Raama promised the Sages to take birth as real females in the next birth and based on: 1) the promise given by God to Sages in the previous birth and 2) the counter-threat given by Gopikas to commit suicide, Krishna started the secret dance in Brundaavanam. Since Gopikas were blessed with the final birth, the surrender of all the worldly bonds was inevitable. God allowed them because this is required for the total salvation. God also avoided the clash between Gopikas and their families by starting the dance at mid night and closing the dance by the beginning of 4th quarter of night so that the dance took place after all people slept and ended before all people awoke. This is the cunning devotion, which is the essence of Yogashaastra, in which the Kundalini (soul or mind) crosses the rotating wheels (hindering worldly bonds) by moving in curved way to escape the direct clash with the worldly bonds.