Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 24 Apr 2023


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If the love of the Gopikas to God Krishna was pure and devoid of lust, what was the necessity for physical union?

Shri Anil asked:  If the love of the Gopikas to God Krishna was pure, devoid of lust, how did it result into a physical union? What was the need for physical union if it were pure love?

Swami replied:- Lust is from the point of souls only and the response of God towards them is for their satisfaction. I have told this point in the love of Magdelene towards Jesus and the love of some ladies towards Mohammad also. Hindus say that there is no lust because Krishna was a 11 years boy and Christians completely deny any affair of Jesus with Magdelene. Eating, drinking water, sleep, sex, disease, birth and death are the properties of the medium by which the pure God is mediated. The light inside the bulb is purely white but the color of the external glass covering it makes the white light colored. The properties of the medium cannot be linked to the pure God. If you feel that sex is impure, the other properties of the medium must be also impure in which case the mediated God shall not be born, shall not die, shall not be injured by disease, shall not sleep, shall not drink and shall not eat since these properties include sex as one of this worldly set. The person criticizing sex must not leak sperm even in the dream. The divinity of God is like the pure white light and all these worldly colors are not inherent of the pure white light. Of course, the white light being the creator of the world contains all these colors in latent state.