Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 15 Mar 2024


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How did Hanuman get salvation even without the test of attachment to wife?

[Maha Shiva Raatri Satsanga on 8th March 2024 at Hyderabad]

[Ms. Thrylokya asked:- You told that every soul must be born as female in the final birth so that the test for attachment to spouse is to be conducted. But, Hanuman gets salvation without this test. Is this not a contradiction?]

Swami replied:- When there is fascination for spouse, God conducts this test so that the bond with Him competes with that bond. In the case of Hanuman, the bond with spouse does not exist at all. When god Surya ordered Him to marry his daughter called Suvarchala, He absorbed her in His body and she became the shining light of Hanuman. There is no need for this test if such bond did not form at all. This does not mean that only a celibate is an exceptional case to this test. It is not necessary. Even a house-holder can become a special exception to this test if such a devotee is mentally detached with his spouse and his external attachment becomes nil in such a case (Kurvannapi na lipyate, karmaṇyakarma yaḥ paśyet – Gita and na karma lipyate nare – Veda). The three strongest worldly bonds namely wealth, issues and spouse are external objects with which only an external bond can form. The internal bond with those external objects depends on the will of the soul, which means an internal bond may be formed or may not be formed. If there is no internal bond, the external bond becomes zero since it is inert only. King Janaka got salvation as a house-holder (Karmaṇaiva hi saṃsiddhim - Gita). These householders are as pure as the celibates and are eligible for salvation without the spouse-bond test. Therefore, a devotee need not bother much about sweet devotion as a hurdle in the path of salvation.