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Posted on: 21 Dec 2021


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How is the lust shown to God treated as sin in Nivrutti?

[Shri Anil asked: Padanamaskaram, Swami few questions are given below. Please grace Your answers. At Your Divine Lotus Feet-anil

Swami, You mentioned that any quality which is directed towards God is always good. In this context, I have one doubt. Gopikas had sexual intercourse with God Krishna since their love based lust was towards God. In such case how this lust is treated as a sin? How can this act of lust with God be weighed based on Pravrutti principle and is treated as a sin? Suppose, if it is not a sin, how it is justified that God Krishna went to hell to suffer for their sin? Lust shown towards ordinary souls is definitely a sin in Pravrutti. But how the lust shown to God is treated as a sin which is Nivrutti? Kindly clarify this point.]

Swami replied: The author of the constitution follows the rules made by Him since the constitution is the highest authority. In Nivrutti, pravrutti can be rejected for the sake of God. Even though, it is correct, but, still the constitution of pravrutti is also to be protected in the sense of exploitation by public. Even though, as per the constitution, there shall not be any punishment for the sin committed in Nivrutti for the sake of God, God has taken extra care so that nobody imitates and exploits the genuine case. 99% cases are not genuine and hell is inevitable. The case of Krishna and Gopikas is genuine. Even then, God Krishna applied pravrutti constitution to Nivrutti also so that He wanted to see whether the love of Gopikas towards God is genuine or not. Gopikas were prepared to go to hell for the sake of their love towards Krishna. Krishna was also prepared to go to hell for the sake of Gopikas. Here, the main point is to see the unimaginable love of Gopikas to Krishna and vice-versa. Whether Krishna and Gopikas went to hell or not is not important here since both were prepared to go hell for the sake of the other side, which indicates the climax height of both. Even if both go to hell, everybody was prepared to undergo the punishment with full pleasure due to the depth of love. In such case, it is not suffering, but, pleasant for the suffering soul. When there is no point of suffering, why should we worry about the punishment?