Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 29 Apr 2023


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Is it healthy to do intermittent fasting to lose weight?

[Smt. Priyanka asked: There is a lot of hype going on about 'intermittent fasting' eating methods to lose weight fast, where one can eat only during a 6 to 8 hour window in a day and the rest can be only water. Is it healthy to do such things in the short-term/long-term?]

Swami replied:- If fasting is drought, over eating is the flood. Both shall be avoided. The qualitative and quantitative analysis of each food item must be kept in mind in deciding the requirements and restrictions of food items to be taken. Aayurveda says that you shall eat the food item that is required for your good health (hita bhuk). You shall eat the food item that is well cooked so that bacteria can be fully killed (huta bhuk). You must eat any food item in less quantity (mita bhuk). You must walk a little after taking food. When you lie down, see that your left side is in contact with the bed as far as possible. You must not resist urination and excretion for a long time. You must have control on sex as far as possible. These instructions improve health as said by Aayurveda.