Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 17 May 2023


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Sometimes, people fall down due to sudden excess of success. Will God save them or not?

[A question by Ms. Thrylokya]

Swami replied: It depends on the total surrender of the devotee to God. God saves from such fall if the devotee is totally surrendered to Him without any ego. For such a devotee, the accumulated good fruits will not be delivered as sudden success but instead the kindest God divides the accumulated good fruits and delivers them over a span of time so that sudden fall of the devotee is avoided. If the devotee is not totally surrendered maintaining total or partial ego, the fall of the devotee will be according to the degree of ego of the devotee. This applies to both Pravrutti (worldly life) and Nivrutti (spiritual life). Hence, the Gita advises every devotee to totally surrender to God throughout the life (Tameva ┼Ťaranam gaccha…).