Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 03 Jul 2024


Swami answers questions of Shri Hrushikesh

1. What is the reason for the inability to implement the theoretical concepts even though they are well understood?

Swami replied:- The concepts belonging to God become impossible to implement in practice for two reasons:- i) Your attachment to God is not strong and ii) Your detachment from the world is not complete. If you worry about the first reason, the second reason can be automatically solved. This means that if you are very very strongly attached to God, the detachment from the world comes as a spontaneous consequence. When you are very strongly attached in seeing the cinema in theatre, you are unaware of the biting by the blood bugs and mosquitoes. The detachment from the biting is a spontaneous consequence of your very strong attachment to cinema. Hence, you must improve your attachment to God and shall not put even a trace of effort for detaching yourself from the world.

2. I find difficulty in saving money for future needs. Am I wrong here?

[You told that one shall save one rupee for the present needs and also shall save the second rupee for the sake of needs in the future. You also told that the rupee thrown in the waste box (spent for vices and unnecessary luxuries) can be dedicated to God. Out of these three, I find difficulty in saving the second rupee for the future. Am I wrong here? If I give the second rupee to God and if there is necessity in the future, I can ask God for help.]

Swami replied:- You are not wrong provided you are a climax devotee of God of the level Prahlaada, etc. In such highest state of devotion, one does not save the first rupee also for the present needs. Such a climax devotee is protected by God certainly in present and future. But, the problem is that are we the climax devotees? A fox cannot become a tiger by putting some scars on its body. It shall be actually the tiger. All this depends on your confidence about your level of devotion. What I told is applicable to the general majority of humanity, which is in the beginning stage of spiritual journey. I have to preach the spiritual knowledge from the beginning, keeping ordinary human beings as My target.

Instead of giving the second rupee to God and ask God to return back whenever you face necessity in the future, you can save the second rupee for the sake of future. Perhaps, this idea came to your mind to escape from income tax and throw the tax botheration on the head of God! Whenever you give to God, you must not aspire it back under any circumstances. In this angle, God also tests you by giving more difficulties to see whether you ask God for returning or not.