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Posted on: 21 Mar 2024


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Swami answers questions of Shri Hrushikesh

1. How to differentiate God from Satan? How to believe that You are Jesus?

[Shri Hrushikesh asked: Dear Swami, I request you to answer the below questions based on my discussions with a few friends on Spirituality. How to differentiate God from Satan? As per the Bible, Satan can take any form, which means he can come in the form of a human being and act like a Human Incarnation and preach wrong knowledge claiming to be Jesus. How to believe that You are Jesus?]

Swami replied:- I never mentioned that I am Jesus or some other incarnation of God. It is you, who has to decide based on My preached spiritual knowledge. Even if you say that I am the incarnation, I accept or refuse based on your maturity of faith and strength of devotion. Self-declaration is generally done by demons for publicity and fame. A person, who is hurt by Sadguru for speaking harsh truths, will naturally oppose the Sadguru due to the hurt ego-based jealousy. With such a devotee, God is very careful and behaves like a co-human being only. Context is the main angle for the Sadguru.

2. What is wrong in having excessive sexual desire towards one's lawful partner?

[What is wrong in having excessive sexual desire towards one's lawful partner? In that case why was Madhumathi cursed to become a demon by Lord Datta for having excessive sexual desire? Can we say that this curse is only out of God's love towards Madhumathi, so that her excessive desire can be fulfilled as this demon body is more suitable for fulfilling excessive sexual desire, as in the case of demons, having excessive sexual desire is common compared to humans, kindly elaborate?]

Swami replied:- You are wrong in your question itself. Madhumati was not cursed for her excessive sexual desire. She was cursed only when she expressed sexual desire in the twilight in which time Sandhyaavandanam (worshipping God) was being performed by God Datta. Even God performs all rituals so that the other human beings follow Him and this is called as ‘Loka Samgraha’ by the Gita.

3. What is wrong if the intention of a person is to share Your knowledge verbally to others even if the complete knowledge is not shared?

[What is wrong if the intention of a person is to share Your knowledge verbally to others even if the complete knowledge is not being shared to the other person? As I am not a Human incarnation, there is always a chance to make mistakes while sharing the knowledge verbally. You have asked me many times to share the knowledge through email or to read the discourse as it is. But I have a challenge in doing so, because I get bliss in discussing Your knowledge by recollecting and not reading it verbally. My intention is not to become a Guru. I am verbally sharing the knowledge as it has become my weakness, however much I try to keep my mouth shut, I am unable to do so. I am failing miserably because Your knowledge is Divine and I have become a Divine alcohol addict. Kindly help me to come out of this addiction. I know I am doing the greatest sin. But I am unable to control myself.]

Swami replied:- You read the website thoroughly for sometime. If you have anxiety to discuss, there is nothing wrong. But at the end, say to the other fellow that you will think over and give the conclusions. Don’t give conclusions on the spot. Take sometime and meanwhile, discuss with Me. Then, you will find the right conclusions, which can be shared. If a wrong concept is propagated as a conclusion, it will spoil several generations and such a preacher will fall in the liquid fire as long as the wrong concept is alive in this world. You may become My enemy, but, I will not mind it because I cannot allow My devotee to undergo such horrible punishment. If anybody else speaks, you can be hurt. But, if your Sadguru speaks anything, it is always for your welfare only.

4. Why are You so kind and patient in giving me more chances to do Your service despite me not putting in any effort?

[I have been constantly failing to do Your service. I will continue to fail also. I know that You don’t care about the result, all that matters is the intention and effort towards the work You allocate. But why are You so kind and patient in giving me more chances again and again to do Your service despite me not putting in any effort? When there are so many great devotees who are constantly doing penance to do Your service from millions of births, what is the use of giving it to a hopeless soul like me. I am trying Swami but failing miserably to even put in the effort towards Your work :-(?]

Swami replied:- Going wrong in a concept is very rare and you should be careful in such occasion only. Generally, all My devotees have understood 99% of My knowledge. Hence, you need not be discouraged at all. Correcting a few concepts will help you and your audience also. God promised to propagate true spiritual knowledge (Satyaṃ Jñānam…- Veda). In this one context only, I become very bitter because I know the future repercussions of such sin. Whenever you are preaching, be very much attentive examining yourself about your sticking to the knowledge of the Sadguru or deviating from it. The best thing is, at least for sometime, discuss with Me and clarify your conclusions. When you discuss with Me, if I am wrong, I will correct Myself. Such an attitude is the correct angle of true knowledge. You can speak all the conclusions done by Me already without any hesitation to everybody. Only the differing concepts coming as your conclusions, please, be discussed with Me before your propagation. This is the only humble request from Me to every devotee interested in propagating the true spiritual knowledge.

5. How to become a permanent citizen of the upper worlds?

[What is the difference between the souls who are permanent citizens from Upper worlds like Yakshas, Gandharvas, Vasus from the worlds of Tapoloka, Gandarvaloka and other lokas compared to a normal soul who has done great punya karmas or sacrifices and got an opportunity to sit on the Indra throne in Heaven (Suvar Loka) as a fruit of that karma; post exhausting the karmas that soul will fall to the earth "Kshine punye martyalokam.." as a normal soul. How to become a permanent citizen of the upper worlds?]

Swami replied:- God has to give the green card to a soul to become a permanent citizen in the upper world. All those mentioned by you were the citizens of the upper worlds. Getting the grace of God is the most important fortune than to become a citizen of the upper world. There are several human beings on the earth, who are far far greater than the citizens of the upper worlds.

6. When there is no chance of doing karma in the upper worlds, what is the purpose of creating Jana and Tapo lokas?

[When there is no chance of doing Karma in the upper worlds then what is the purpose of creating Jano Loka and Tapo loka? What type of souls go to these worlds? What is the difference between Jana and Tapo loka? If someone raises a question that spiritual knowledge is also being taught in the upper worlds, what is the need of wasting one's time on this earth because the time spent on earth is limited. What is wrong if one spends it on other activities on earth because the knowledge will be preached anyway post leaving the body.]

Swami replied:- First is Jnaana Yoga (Knowledge), second is Bhakti Yoga (theoretical devotion) and final is Karma Yoga (practical devotion). Correction in the first step is correction in the foundation, which is very very important for the future upper flats to be built up. In the upper worlds after heaven, the knowledge is rectified and this is the most important step because if there is fault in the first step (knowledge), it will reflect in other future steps. When the knowledge is rectified, there is no need to criticize the past actions because such a soul will not repeat such fault in future actions. Such a soul need not do rectified actions as a proof of its rectification. Hence, the soul need not return to the earth to do rectified actions. After realization, the soul can travel up to reach the ultimate topmost abode of God (Brahmaloka).

7. What is the reason for not granting excess bhoga to every soul so that they get liberated instantly?

[Swami, You are bhoga moksha pradaata. Oh Lord Datta You are famous for giving salvation by granting excessive bhoga. Why don’t You grant this to every soul in this world so that they can immediately get salvation? What is the reason for not granting excess bhoga to every soul so that they get liberated instantly?]

Swami replied:- Don’t suggest anything to the omniscient God. Wherever it is proper to apply a procedure, God will do the needful. There are many souls, who get further spoiled if pleasures are granted more. If God feels that a particular soul will become vexed with the excess enjoyment, then only, God will apply this procedure. All human beings are not having uniform nature so that one single procedure can be applied to all human beings in a uniform way.

8. If all the souls in this creation are liberated, how will Your entertainment continue?

[Your knowledge one day will transform all the souls in the entire creation into the greatest devotees. Such is the power of the knowledge You have delivered. When all the souls in this creation are liberated, in that case, how will Your entertainment continue? At Your Lotus feet, Hrushikesh]

Swami replied:- Even if all souls are liberated, we need not be sure that no soul will fall down. Success can be momentary or permanent. Permanent success is always very very rare. The Kohinoor diamond is very very rare. Gravel stones are many many. In fact, if all the souls are permanently liberated, God will be very very happy. For this purpose only, God is continuously trying by coming to the earth again and again. The devotee must stop questioning God thinking that he is more intelligent than God. Then only, his devotion becomes pure. God is omniscient and omnipotent to tackle any situation that may arise in the future. Such faith without any doubt shall be developed in the mind of any devotee and then only, the devotee is perfectly purified in devotion.