Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 25 Aug 2021


When Gopikas threatened Krishna to dance with them, how can this be considered as a test taken by Lord Krishna?

[A spiritual conversation took place in Hyderabad on 23-08-2021 and was attended by a number of devotees. Some of the flashes of spiritual knowledge that were radiated from Śrī Datta Swami are given below for the benefit of the spiritual world.]

[A question by Ms. Bhanu Samykya]

Swami replied: When Gopikas came to Brindavan on hearing flute song of Krishna, they proved that their love is strong and more than their love to their life partners. When Krishna threatened them that they will go to hell, had they kept silent without returning to their homes, their love for God Krishna is stronger. When they threatened Krishna that they will commit suicide if Krishna is not interested in them, it means that their love for Krishna is strongest. In the system of examination of God Datta, strongest love for God alone is the pass mark (100/100). Strong and stronger loves are also failures only.