Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 27 Aug 2021


Why did Krishna test Gopikas for 2 years long?

[Ms Lakshmi Thrylokya asked:- Krishna could have danced in one night and the test should have been completed. Why did He dance for 2 years?]

Swami Replied:- Krishna was testing the bond with butter (Dhaneshanaa) and the bond with their issues (Putreshanaa) by stealing the butter preserved for their issues. This test continued for 10 years (5th year to 15th year) because God gave a long period of examination to see whether some Gopikas, who failed initially will rectify and pass the joint test in course of time at least. Similarly, the third test for the bond with life partner was conducted for a period of 2 years continuously so that God wanted to see whether they are firm in their sacrifice for a long period. The procedure of the examination is decided based on the strength of the worldly bond. The prior two bonds were very very strong and hence, a very long period of 10 years was given. The third bond was weak comparatively in reference to the prior two bonds and hence, a lesser period of 2 years was given. No Gopika failed in the third bond whereas several Gopikas failed in the joint test. They succeeded as wives and failed as mothers.