Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 08 Nov 2023


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Why am I not able to serve You practically?

[Shri Bharat Krishna Reddy asked:- In the early part of my life, I was very much attracted to the world like an ordinary young human being. After studying Your knowledge, I got attracted very much to it. I always feel worried that why I am unable to do practical service to You?]

Swami replied:- Your past attraction towards the world shows that you are still attracted more to the world only. But, you are attracted towards My knowledge and your brain is theoretically convinced with My knowledge. This is an intermediate state between God and the world. You need not leave the world and worldly life. Even if you lead a worldly life, you can destroy the excess fascination to the world so that you will retain only justified love to the world. The extra fascination towards the world removed by you can be diverted to God. This means that you are having justified love to the world and love with fascination towards God. In such a case, your practical love towards the world gets diminished to a certain extent and you will show some practical love towards God. This is the beginning stage of spiritual journey so that in course of time, you will be detached from the world completely and get attached totally to God. When you are trying for some fruit, you shall not think about the fruit, but, you shall place all your concentration on the effort only so that your mental energy is completely concentrated on God without wasting any trace of it for the world or for thinking about the final spiritual fruit. Majority of people are in your state only. This is the reason for God to descend down as human incarnation and preach the true spiritual knowledge. If you put your effort on the path without any disturbance and tension, you are sure to succeed in the spiritual journey. Negative thinking of the self and depression must always be thrown out and confidence with courage is always to be invited by your mind.