Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 24 Apr 2024


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Why is not God responding to souls in spite of their high devotion and worship?

[Ms. Thrylokya asked:- Swami, in spite of so much devotion, worship and deep spiritual discussions, why is God not showing even the basic response of just speaking a word? This point is predominantly experienced in these days of Kali age. Kindly give the answer for this point.]

Swami replied:- In these days of Kali age, i) Every human being without any single exception is completely trapped in the fascination of self and the strong worldly bonds. ii) Nobody has even a trace of true fascination for God. But, all people are showing climax fascination for God and the actual reason for such climax fascination is only aspiring the help from God for the welfare of self and selfish worldly bonds (especially the three strongest worldly bonds, which are bonds with wealth, issues and spouse called as Eshanaatrayam). Even if we find personality-based climax devotion without any selfish aspiration in the case of a worldly fan, unfortunately it is not on God, but it is on a cinema hero or a political leader (the fan sometimes commits suicide on hearing the death of the hero), who is again a worldly bond. iii) People always conveniently think that theory (spiritual knowledge and theoretical devotion) alone is the path to please God. Especially in this Kali age, people are not only very greedy to practically spend for God, but also are highly greedy to earn something practically from God through theoretical path. But, God Krishna strongly told that He will respond in the same phase to any devotee (ye yathā mām… - Gita). This means that He will give theoretical boons for the theoretical devotion and practical boons for the practical devotion. What God Krishna told is neglected by people since it is very much inconvenient. But, the fact is that God Datta always tests devotees in practical devotion and not in theoretical devotion or the depth of their spiritual knowledge.

In absence of even an iota of true love without any aspiration in return from God, God has become silent. When there is no true love anywhere, why God shall speak at all and what can be spoken in such a worst context? In the previous ages, at least there were very few real devotees having practically proved true love for God and hence, God was responding to them. This concept is very important and the essence of spiritual knowledge, just like the life for a living body.