Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 05 Nov 2021


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Why is sweet devotion the highest, when devotees like Lakshmana served God like a slave?

[Shri Durgaprasad asked: Paadanamaskaaram Swami, Why did You say that the sweet devotion of Gopikas is the highest, when devotees like Lakshmana served the God like a slave? At Your lotus feet, -Durgaprasad]

Swami Replied:- The final salvation depends upon several angles and the requirements in all angles must be fulfilled. Eradication of total ego is one of the requirements. The acquired ego can be destroyed by any soul whether it is male or female. But, the gender-ego of male cannot be eradicated because the soul is in very close contact of the body from the birth and the male nature of the body is very much induced into the soul and this gender ego becomes inherent, which cannot be removed unless the soul enters a new body of female nature. Therefore, the final birth must be a female birth so that the inherent male gender-ego is removed inherently itself. If you take the story of sages, who did severe penance for millions of births, they got final salvation only when they were born as females called Gopikas. There cannot be a better spiritual aspirant other than sages, who spent every minute of their lives in spiritual line only. Such sages were ordered by God to be born as females and then only they got final salvation reaching Goloka, which is higher than the highest Brahma loka. The highest fruit is Goloka and the highest spiritual aspirant is the sage. This is a practical story, which shall be taken as the practical solid example in spiritual line.