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Posted on: 01/01/2003

All the religions in the world are different feathers of the same bird i.e., different colors on the same God. There is only one God and there is only one universe. Similarly, man is also one. Man should aim for that one God. Man should belong to all the religions in the universe. He should pick up the diamonds of all religions and use them in his spiritual path. One can have love towards his nation. Every nation has some physical boundaries. All people living in that nation...

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Posted on: 01/01/2003

The same Swami appeared in the decorations of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Scientist, Rama, Krishna, Shiva etc., to show that the same God exists in different incarnations. Unfortunately in the pictures of Gods [or the past human incarnations] such a concept is not obvious. When we see different pictures or images of Gods, they appear quite different from each other and give the psychological impression that the ‘Gods’ are different. Even in Hinduism, in which the same God is supposed to have taken different forms, this concept is not clearly reflected...

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Posted on: 09/01/2003

Conversation between Swami and a Christian Father:

Father: Those who do not have faith in Jesus Christ will be sent to the flames of liquid fire in hell. This is the declaration of our faith.

Swami: Does that mean that there is no salvation to all the generations of devotees who lived on this earth before the incarnation of Jesus Christ? If so, all those devotees were subjects of the partiality of God since they were...

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Posted on: 25/12/2003

[Christmas message] These discourses will bring a harmony between Hinduism and Christianity. The messages of a Hindu saint like Swami Vivekananda have spread in Christian countries. The messages of Christianity have spread in India. Thus there is a broad-minded brotherhood between Hinduism and Christianity. The tolerance of Hindus and the love of Christians are the reasons for such a bond of brotherhood. Spreading of these special discourses among your Christian friends will strengthen the feelings of...

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How to accept that Prophet Mohammad originally taught the Universal Religion as told by You?

Posted on: 31/01/2015

Swami Replied: Universal means union of small things to make a big thing. Universal also means uniting the big things to make a bigger or biggest....

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Mataantakrikarana Prakaranam (The Topic of Change of Religion)

Posted on: 19/03/2022

1) Yat Daivarūpa miṣṭam te, praṇama tvamaharniśam |
Avajñā pararūpasya, tava daivasya mūlataḥ ||

[Whichever form of God you like, worship it day and night. But, don’t insult other forms of God of your religion or of other religions. If you insult the other forms of God, you have insulted...

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Posted on: 19/12/2012

[This is the speech given by Shri Datta Swami at the First World Parliament on Spirituality on December 19, 2012 in Hall-1 (Babaji Hall), Session 9 Global Peace Auditorium, Hyderabad. It was webcast live on December 19, 2012 between 10.00-11.30 hrs IST on the conference website http://www.wpsconnect.org/home.php ]

The Veda says that God is unimaginable—beyond words, mind, intelligence and even imagination (Yato vacho…, Manasaa saha…, Yobuddheh paratah…, Atarkyah…). If God is thought to be imaginable, then due to the multiplicity in imaginable items...

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Posted on: 24/12/2005

This address was given to a gathering of Hindus and Christians] You are the cream of Christianity and Hinduism. In course of time the devotees of other religions will also join you and make this group a complete representative of Universal Spirituality. I wish that all of you retain the identification of your individual religions. Let this group be a chain of gems of different colours. Let not the other gems be coloured by white paint so that the whole chain can become a garland of only white gems. Let the pearls remain in the garland, which are white in colour. Let them not insist that the other gems also be coloured by white paint. A chain with different coloured gems looks more beautiful than a chain of mere pearls. The thread running through all these gems is Universal Spirituality. Religion is a gem with a particular colour. Spirituality is the thread that is holding...

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Posted on: 16/11/2008

God gives value for the spiritual knowledge contained in the religion. Religion is the external cup and spiritual knowledge is the internal material supplied to the customer in the hotel. The customer pays for the internal material and not for the external cup. The sweet Payasam in the cheap ceramic cup will have high payment. The cheap drinking water given in costly golden cup has no payment at all. The customer takes the material only and not the container. Similarly, the spiritual knowledge alone follows the soul from birth to birth and not the religion. When the external body is left over here, the soul raises up in a new energetic body. The soul in the new energetic body is associated with the spiritual knowledge...

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Trailokya Gita: Chapter-16: Vishvamata Samanvaya Yoga (The Association of Correlation of World-Religions)

Posted on: 17/12/2021

Trailokyā Uvāca:-

1) Datta! Sadguṇavārāśe!, praśaṃsārhā'smi natvaham |
Haindavasyeva kiṃ sādhyaḥ, vaiśvo mata samanvayaḥ? ||

[Ms. Trailokya asked:- O God Datta! You are the ocean of good qualities. I am not eligible for Your praise. Is it possible to unite all worldly religions like the sub-religions of Hinduism...

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Matasamanvaya Prakaranam (The Topic of Correlation Among Religions)

Posted on: 18/05/2022

1. Bhinnajñānāni cāṅgānām, aṅgī hastī sa bhidyate |
Jñeyaprakaraṇe bhinne, tattadanvaya ujjhitaḥ ||

[All the ancient philosophers, who developed various theories are quarrelling with each other because the concept of totality is missing. Every theory is correct when it is applied to a part of the total concept as in the case of blind people studying the form of an elephant by touching different parts of the elephant (Andhagaja nyāya). The elephant is like a pillar if its leg is touched. The same elephant...

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