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Posted on: 03/01/2003

[A devotee, Shri G. Lakshman once asked Swami, “What is the use of the form of God, when I can experience God directly, once I come to know His qualities?”...

Swami replied: Let us assume that Parabrahma (God) is fire. The qualities of Parabrahma like knowledge, bliss and love put together, can be assumed as the heat. Also, let us assume the Human Incarnation to be a wire. We agree that unless you have experienced...

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Posted on: 02/01/2003

Some people criticize the Human Incarnation of God saying that He concentrates more on rich people than on poor people. But they should remember that all human beings are children of God. The father concentrates on the child, who is suffering from cancer. Although cancer is incurable, the father still attempts to do something for the child. He is more concerned with that child and pays more attention...

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Posted on: 01/01/2003

The same Swami appeared in the decorations of Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Scientist, Rama, Krishna, Shiva etc., to show that the same God exists in different incarnations. Unfortunately in the pictures of Gods [or the past human incarnations] such a concept is not obvious. When we see different pictures or images of Gods, they appear quite different from each other and give the psychological impression that the ‘Gods’ are different. Even in Hinduism, in which the same God is supposed to have taken different forms, this concept is not clearly reflected...

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Is doing puja everyday at home compulsory?

Posted on: 23/06/2019

Kum. Laxmi Thrylokya: If a person has prayed to God that the person will donate his or her hair to God at a holy temple after successfully overcoming a certain situation, can the person skip the donation of hair in that temple and instead donate it to any cancer foundation with inner devotion to God? After knowing the truth that God resides in the Human Incarnation, is doing puja everyday at home compulsory?

Swami replied: Donation for some useful purpose such as to the poor or to sick people in need is always a better idea. It is more valid than donating to a temple in which our donation may or may not be used...

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Among the various forms of God, why do You only stress on the form of God Datta?

Posted on: 17/02/2019

Shri Hrushikesh asked: Among the various forms of God, why do You only stress on the form of God Datta?

Swami replied: The absolute God, being beyond matter, energy, time, and space, cannot be perceived by us. He cannot even be imagined by us. Datta means the Unimaginable God who has ‘given’ Himself to souls, by entering into a medium and allowing souls to perceive Him. Datta is the first Energetic Incarnation of God in the upper world. Datta is not limited to any one specific religion. Datta, this First Incarnation of God, enters into other energetic...

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Posted on: 12/06/2007

The unimaginable God requires a medium for expression. When the medium is charged by God, the medium is treated as God directly and service to this medium is the direct service to God. When a wire is charged by electric current, touching the live wire means touching the current itself. But if you touch the picture of a live wire on paper, you are not touching the current. It is only an indirect representative model of the live wire. Service to the charged medium is called as sakshat upasanam, which is direct service. Service to the representative model is called as pratika upasanam, which is only indirect service. Indirect service is a total waste because neither are you experiencing God in the model, nor is God experiencing...

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Posted on: 05/01/2003

[This is a discourse given by Swami at Bombay] God and Real Love: When you see your son, your love for him flows spontaneously. Do you love him because he is serving you? No. Even if he beats you, you love him and you give your property only to him. But what about God? You love Him only because He removes your difficulties and gives you some benefits. If He keeps silent inspite of your prayers, you will remove His picture from your altar and put another picture there...

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Posted on: 12/09/2006

[Shri Ramanath asked Swami whether Akkalkot Maharaj whose birth is not known is the fullest human incarnation as His devotees say. Following is Swami’s reply]:

For any concept, the scripture is valued. Otherwise everybody speaks whatever he likes and gives his own logic. The advocate has to quote the constitution and apply the logic in that line. Otherwise the argument has no base. The scriptures say that Sri Krishna is the fullest human incarnation (Shri Krishno Nanya Evahi). This is agreed by all since it has scriptural basis. But Krishna was born to Devaki. Therefore, the concept of fullest human incarnation...

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Are Jesus, Mohammad and Krishna messengers or God themselves?

Posted on: 16/06/2015

Swami replied: I have already clarified the concept of human incarnation in the above part. God enters a deserving devotee and gets Himself...

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Posted on: 21/12/2012

[This speech was delivered by Shri Datta Swami at the First World Parliament on Spirituality on December 21, 2012 in Hall-3 (Socrates Hall) Session 1, at the Global Peace Auditorium, Hyderabad. It was webcast live between 11.00-13.00 hrs IST on the conference website(http://www.wpsconnect.org/home.php )]

The Human Incarnation is Most Suitable for Humans: God comes to earth to direct the spiritual aspirants to the correct path. Direction is very important.  Hence, we find that the position of ‘Director’ happens to be the topmost position in any institution...

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Posted on: 06/10/2007

Miracles are done by God and not by the individual soul (Jeeva). The Veda says that God alone does miracles (Satyakamah…). The logic in this point is that this entire creation is just His will. This world is just the imagination of God. You can do any impossible thing in your imaginary world. In that imaginary world, you can also make somebody who is created by you, to do anything. That somebody is able to do anything only due to your will. Hence, if somebody is doing a miracle, that somebody is not doing the miracle. God, the Creator of the world, is doing the miracle through him. Your will power is the material of your imaginary world and is responsible for any action that is natural...

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Posted on: 08/01/2003

God and Your Efforts: In the Bhagavad Gita, Lord Krishna says “Bahuni me...” i.e., “Several births have passed for you and for Me. I remember all of them but you do not remember.” Sometimes the sadhana (spiritual effort) done by a devotee during this birth may be little. Yet God shows a lot of grace on that devotee. The reason for this is the penance done by that devotee during his previous births. Even that devotee forgets the penance done by him. Other devotees...

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Posted on: 15/08/2006

[Krishnashtami day] Krishna is not counted in the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu as per the verse “Pari Purna Tamah Sakshat….” The Ashtapadi of Jayadeva also reveals the same. Vishnu represents the quality of Sattvam. However, if you see Krishna, He exhibited all the three qualities i.e. Sattvam, Rajas and Tamas equally. Brahma stands for Rajas and Shiva stands for Tamas. Vishnu stands for maintenance and administration of creation. Brahma is the author of the constitution of creation (Veda). Shiva is the force that punishes evil. An administrator needs the knowledge of the constitution and also the potentiality of punishment and only then will the administration...

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Posted on: 26/12/2004

In the beginning Brahman (God) was One and alone. Only Brahman knows about Brahman and this is the meaning of the Vedic statement, “Brahmavit Brahmaiva Bhavati”. But this statement is misinterpreted and people say that “He who knows Brahman becomes Brahman”. This is not the correct meaning because the Veda says that Brahman cannot be known by the senses, mind, intelligence or logic (Yato Vachah, Nachakshusha, Apraapya Manasaa, Namedhayaa, Naisha Tarkena etc.). The Gita says “Maamtu Veda Na kaschana”, which means that no body knows Brahman. The reason for this is that Brahman is beyond space. The imagination or intelligence of any human being cannot cross the three dimensional space. Therefore, no human being can imagine Brahman, which is beyond...

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Posted on: 26/12/2004

Final Goal: To achieve Datta by Brahma Vidya is only the first step but to please Datta is the real and final step. To please Datta, the only way is sacrifice. Now the question is: sacrifice of what? People have taken it as the sacrifice of words, mind and intelligence. The sacrifice of these three items is only the sacrifice of one paisa in a rupee [100 paise=1 rupee]. These three items are attained by human beings without any effort, just by the birth itself. It is something like the donation of a tumbler of drinking water, which is supplied by the municipality in plenty. Even here, you are donating that, which is in excess for you. When there is leisure time and there is no possibility of earning more money by sacrificing these three items, then only you donate...

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Avataara Prakaranam

Posted on: 16/04/2022

1. Parabrahmāvatārāḥ syuḥ, taijasāḥ mānavāḥ viśet |
Datta eva tanuṃ tau hi, tasya Dattasya caikataḥ ||

Datta is the energetic Avatāra or incarnation of the unimaginable God or Parabrahman. The latter incarnations are incarnations of Datta, which may be either energetic for the sake of energetic beings in the upper worlds or human for the sake of human beings on the earth. God Datta enters and merges with selected energetic beings or human beings to become energetic or human incarnations...

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Posted on: 08/01/2013

The single truth will appear in different ways with different concepts simultaneously correct according to different receivers. The same lady appears as wife, sister and mother simultaneously to her husband, brother and son. Similarly, the same truth is taken as monism, qualified monism and dualism by different levels of devotees, which are represented by Shankara, Ramanuja and Madhva respectively. The truth or the object is the human incarnation about which different devotees have different levels of views...

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Posted on: 14/10/2014

Shri Phani asked: “You said that the Veda says that God created this (Tat) and God entered this (Tat). ‘This’ (Tat) means this entire world. The same word (Tat) is again used. This means God created this entire world and also entered this entire world. Therefore, all this world is God as stated in the Veda (Sarvam Khalvidam..., Eeshaavaasyamidam...).”

Swami replied: If somebody says that you have entered a house, does it mean that you have entered all the 100 rooms of the house? After entering the house, you may sit in one room. People will say that you have entered the house and are present in the house. Nobody says that you have entered...

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Posted on: 20/04/2011

The word ‘Atman’ means both the soul representing energy as well as the body representing the matter. The soul or energy creates the imaginary world, maintains and dissolves it. The soul has full control on the imaginary world and can do anything. Similarly, God creates, maintains and destroys this world. God is omnipotent since He can do anything in this world. All these are good aspects of comparison. But, there are defective aspects of limitations. The soul is converted into imaginary world whereas, the unimaginable God is not converted and hence...

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Posted on: 15/07/2015

[Third Part of Dr. Nikhil’s Questions] We can conclude all the above discussions by categorizing the whole subject in to three phases.

Unimaginable Phase: The existence of unimaginable entity can be noted in two ways: 1) the unimaginable boundary of this infinite universe is a standing proof for the existence of unimaginable entity. If you reach the edge of this imaginable universe, you must find something, which is different from imaginable phase. Beyond the edge of this imaginable universe, if you find again imaginable...

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