Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 10 Mar 2024


Chhandaa Giitam: Swami - The Miraculous God Shiva

[A dedication to my Lord, H.H. Shri Datta Swami on Maha Shivaratri day]
[A poem by Smt. Chhandaa Chandra on H. H. Shri Datta Swami]

The three main activities of Lord Datta – Creation, Maintenance and Destruction,
He does all these through His three faces – the Trinity, the three incarnations.
(Trinity:- God Brahma, God Vishnu and God Shiva)

These three are just three faces of Lord Datta with a single body only,
We shall never make the mistake to treat these three forms differently.

It is like a policeman doing three different activities in three different clothes,
When he is in office in the uniform, he is serious in a criminal case,
When in his house, playing with children in normal dress,
And when in a party, he is enjoying with his friends in a gorgeous dress.
But, in all these, the internal personality remains one and the same.

These three faces also stand for three very unique characteristics,
First among them is the true infinite spiritual knowledge – the basic,
That is preached by God Brahma, the king of this special knowledge, is fantastic.

Second characteristic of Lord Datta is the infinite blissful love,
He exhibits this wonderful part through God Vishnu - the embodiment of love.

We experience these two in our everyday life through our own Swami,
They have established Him as God Brahma and God Vishnu - the Antaryaami.

We all know that Lord Datta’s third characteristic is His miraculous power,
That He performs through His third face, God Shiva – the Yogeshwara.

Here, I will try to see Swami from this particular third angle,
Where we see that not only the above two, He also performs all kind of miracles.

But He never accepts any credit for doing such impossible,
He passes on the credit to Lord Datta, the ultimate gospel.
(gospel:- the truth)

Whenever we express any miraculous experience to Him and say He is the doer,
He keeps silent and says “Lord Datta is the only owner”.

For Him, miracles do not have as such any importance,
Other than proving the unimaginable God’s existence.

According to Him, miracles are of two types;
One is for transforming an atheist to a theist,
And the other is for the real devotee’s need.

Swami says even demons also perform different types of miracles,
All they want, is to show off their power to establish their skills.

This view point itself shows how unique and divine our Swami is,
God only can tell like this, not possible for any other species.

Let me not miss this opportunity to mention some unimaginable events,
That His devotees have experienced at different times and moments.

Where to start, how to say, I have no idea, really confused
But I need to confess at the same time that I am feeling so proud.

It actually started even before the birth of Swami - the avatar (incarnation),
While being in the sacred womb of His very pious mother,
Who used to see temples, churches and mosques in dreams of her,
All indicating that Yugavataar is coming to unite the whole world and treat everybody at par. (Yugavataar:- Mahaatma, greatest soul)

This reminds me the birth of another human incarnation, Shri Ramakrishna Paramhamsa,
His mother Chandramani Devi too, used to see the similar things in her dreams.
I can never say that this similarity is just a mere coincidence,
Rather, it is the proper divine plan that came into real existence.

When in dream, I blissfully witnessed the merge of Ramakrishna and Swami,
Similarity in their births too proves, Ramakrishna has appeared again in the form of my Swami.
It is not only a feeling that I have in my imagination,
Ramakrishna Himself appeared before me and smilingly made this confirmation.

Swami, when You came to this physical world as a new born baby,
At the same instant, two black magicians of Your village died abnormally.
They had killed hundreds of children in Your village including Your own relatives,
Arrival of the Lord was declared strongly by this clear message like Lord Krishna’s case.

Then comes the miracle of possession of You by a Brahmaraakshasa,
(Brahmaraakshaha: a ghost of a scholarly demon)
When You started revealing the meaning of Kalidasa’s Raghuvamsha.
Your father taught You only upto the eighth verse from that epic,
But You started explaining from ninth verse onwards automatic.

All these happened at a tender age of seven only,
When all other children are busy in playing games happily.
Your father performed several rituals and chanting of hymns to get rid of this Brahmaraakshaha,
Little did he know that his son is divine and possessed by none other than Lord Datta!

You began to compose verses, poems, epics and philosophical books in Sanskrit,
Which amazed even Sanskrit scholars, who compared Your work with that of Kalidaasa, the legendary (very famous).

Everything took place at an unimaginable small age of only eleven,
By that time, You already had composed hundreds of books from Your pen.
Like this, there is no end to these miracles in Your life itself,
In reality, they are not at all any miracle for Your own case,
In fact, they are results of Your very own nature of omnipotence (all powerful).

Still, I would take a turn and see these miracles in Your devotees’ lives,
As it is the characteristic of Yours and You do it for Your dear devotees.

You showed Aatmalingam – expression of creation of first energy, to Shri Phani,
He could not stop himself and touched it, losing all his bondings worldly.

To Smt. Sitamma and Shri Ajay, You showed the most beautiful Vishwaruupam,
To explain the expression of total energy created by God - the Parabrahman.

A very unique miracle is the case of Shri MCS Shastri, a Vedanta scholar,
Who was pacified by only knowledge miracle that made his mind clear.
He could not understand the real meaning of a verse from Ashtaavakra Samhita,
You gave him the proper meaning and it became Your most favourite alaukikata.
(alaukikata:- miracle)

In another occasion, Phaniji saw, in the sky, angels and sages are discussing,
“Who is this fellow with bag hanging from shoulder, natural rules of creation are changing?
Yes, He is Datta, who descended to earth for spiritual knowledge propagation,
And devotion by covering Himself with very dense illusion.”
(illusion:- something looks to be real but actually unreal)

Not only this occasion is unimaginable, when he was about to start this narration,
You described this vision and about the illusion covering the contemporary human incarnation.

Smt. Vasumati used to think about all visions of You as only eye illusion,
After seeing You as Lord Krishna, she repented her misunderstanding of vision.

On insistence, You sent intense lotus fragrance to Smt. Sumati’s husband continuously for one month,
Each time he negated the miracle and tried to prove You wrong,
Your prediction -“Devotion depends on the samskara that was following the soul from several births and a miracle can’t change it” came true and strong

You converted Your expected daughter in the Mother’s womb, into a son after having a bet with a scholar,
All the prophecies that You made came exactly true, they never alter.
(prophecy:- a prediction about the future; alter:- change)

You made a statement to Tatagaru and Ammamma garu at Srisailam,
(Tatagaru :- Shri CBK Murthy, Ammamma garu:- Smt. Bhavani)
“Today Lord Shiva is in the form of rising red Sun since the Veda says that Shiva is the rising red Sun”
Immediately, the very first song in the temple heard, was about the prayer to Sun.

When You predicted Smt. Latha’s already confirmed baby girl to be a baby boy,
Her father mocked at You showing greatness of science to You, a scientist already.
You told him, it is not science but super science that is beyond reach of humans,
It is as similar to that, like how a school going child thinks about higher mathematics.
Further, Your prediction of a baby boy came true.

You gave darshan to several devotees as – God Brahma, God Vishnu or God Maheshwara,
Some other devotees witness You in the forms of Goddess Adiparashakti, Lord Krishna or God Kaalbhairava.

Not only in various forms,
You created various intense fragrances,
You say lotus scent belongs to God Brahma, the sacred ash belongs to God Shiva, camphor to Goddess Parvati and sandal wood paste belongs to God Vishnu,
This happened in different times to various devotees too.

Most of us are witness to these scents personally,
When we are in deep divine thoughts of our own choice intensely (very strong).

Many of Your real devotees have gone into even more deep experiences,
Where they have realized that You have taken their various health problems.
Once they are cured from these health issues,
They really felt bad to see that their beloved Swami suffers to their causes.

Such is Your kindness that You deny this credit immediately,
Smilingly You say it is God Datta, who cured the problems so perfectly.

Not only health issues, it can be any other field of our life worldly,
Be it monetary, be it marriage, accidents, job or even mental tension unnecessary,
We find always You come to our rescue very silently.

Not a single devotee can say that in everyday life he/she does not experience such impossible,
I feel coming under the umbrella of You, my most beloved, is the biggest miracle.

I don’t think there is anyone, who will deny this true fact,
We all are immensely indebted (to owe) to You for this act.

Many devotees’ life could be saved due to Your timely intervention,
(intervention:- action taken to improve something)
Several devotees got the opportunity by Your grace to get salvation.

Each and every miracle of You has very deep thoughts and a great lesson indeed,
Which we fail to understand and even try to use You as our instrument in need.
At this point only, we devotees miss the opportunity to get Your grace,
‘That is why miracle is bad for devotees, who turned into theists’ You say.

Very great spiritual saints like Chimalapati Baba, H.H. Shri Shivananda
Maharaj Swami, astrologer Shri Chhaaya Shastry, Baroda Maharaj, Appaji,
All of them recognized You as the direct incarnation of Lord Datta ji.

What marvellous points You revealed through all such miracles,
We can never think such kind of knowledge, it is just impossible.

Swami, You blessed me too to experience several incidents miraculously,
Most inspiring are those, which I never spoke to anyone but You expressed and materialised most beautifully.
A girl from a very remote village with all negative atmosphere,
You only made it possible to cross all those very difficult barriers.

Starting from getting this human birth to till date, whatever good things have happened,
All because of You my Lord, I believe undoubtedly, and hence I humbly dedicate.

Through these miraculous experiences, I can easily conclude that You are none other than God Shiva,
You always keep on saving us from all sorts of danger and we cannot even reciprocate You the real love, O Mahadeva!

Such is my status and so low is my mentality,
That I always try to see You as one mode of utility (of our own use).

Still, You always show me Your compassion without any reason,
Even a drop of love makes You to become Ashutosha –very little provides satisfaction.
(Ashutosha:- God Shiva)

I decided not to miss this greatest fortune to serve You, O Maheshwara!
Let whatever happens to me, I am not going to change my path, seeing You as my ultimate Iishwara.

I can only see the two divine feet of You, my most beloved Swami!
Always pray to You, to fix me there as I cannot live without my Antaryaami.