Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 10 Feb 2022


Did Krishna suffer for the sins of Gopikas secretly?

[Shri Anil asked: Krishna suffered for all the past sins and also the sin of illegal sex of Gopikas. Jesus also suffered for sins of His people, but in public. Did Krishna suffer secretly? Kindly elaborate the difference.]

Swami replied: Krishna also has shown the punishment of a sin for the sake of the public even though, it is not actually a sin. Killing Vali hiding behind a tree is not a sin. Even then, He suffered the punishment treating it as sin for the safety of the public. He did not argue it as merit, but, underwent punishment in public for the sake of preaching the public. All the punishments are given in the upper world called hell, which is called as Bhogaloka or the place of getting fruits and this earth is called as Karmaloka or the place of doing deeds with certain exceptions like fruits of intensive deeds. What Gopikas did was not sin at all as proved by the elaborate logic given already. Even though it is not a sin and in fact, it is the highest merit, God treated it as sin for the sake of the safety of the worldly life or Pravrutti. We have several instances of sufferings of human incarnations of God Datta, which are the punishments of the sins of His devotees. In fact, Jesus is also one of the human incarnations of God Datta or Father of Heaven only.