Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 04 Jul 2012



Note: This article is meant for intellectuals only

[On the day of Guru Purnima, Shri Swami answered the questions posed by the devotees, which are presented here.]

1. In spite of being the most intelligent among all living beings, why is the human being the most disturbed and without peace and happiness?

A runner is very capable in the process of running. But, he is running in the opposite direction. Will he reach the goal? Therefore, the direction is important, which decides the goal. If the goal is right, which is the right aim in the beginning, the process of running becomes fruitful. If the goal is wrong, the aim and direction become wrong. What is the use of huge construction if the corresponding foundation is defective? A human being is the most developed in intelligence, which is the speed of the process of running. But, the basic aim is wrong and therefore, the direction of the intellectual analysis is wrong and finally, the wrong goal is reached. In the olden days, the aim and direction were correct and even if the speed of running was less, the right goal was reached even slowly. The present intellectual analysis is more scientific than the old analysis. If the speed of running is more, you will reach the wrong goal in very short time. In such case, the speed of running becomes more negative factor. The basic reason for this wrong goal and direction is due to the silence of science about God. Due to this silence, the present human beings do not care for the topic of God. The present scientists have given lot of importance to the development of amenities for receiving peace and happiness. In fact, these amenities result in global destruction, disorder in health and revolutionary conflicts for wealth, which is to be earned for attaining these amenities. You are aspiring for the right goal but you are travelling in the opposite direction. The direction towards the right goal is neglected because the right goal itself is neglected. Therefore, the total responsibility lies with the present scientists, who have formulated the subject of science.

In olden days, the scientists developed science for the sake of investigating the real nature of the absolute God. Every topic in the ancient science had the direction to God only. Therefore, God blessed everybody, controlling their scientific progress in the opposite direction. Today, the neglected God is keeping silent. As a result of this, the human being forgot God, who is the right goal of the right direction. As a result of this, the human being is misled to the wrong direction even though the aspiration of the aim is right. The remedy for this lies in revising the entire system of education by impregnating it with God everywhere. Unless this is done, the right direction towards the right goal can never be achieved.

Today, you find that a judge has become corrupt in collecting the bribe to give bail to a rich criminal. You are surprised due to this because you think that the judiciary system consists of right people and the other systems consist of the wrong people. Any system contains a very little number of right people and majority is always wrong. The corruption in the judiciary system exists in the same proportion as it is in any other system. The exposure of corruption in judiciary system did not happen so far because sufficient care was taken for hiding it. All the people in the judiciary system are very wise in legal steps and hence, the exposure is very rare. Such talent in legal steps is absent in the people of other systems and hence, the exposure is more. Very few people in any system are not corrupt because of the established concept of God in their minds. The education of law does not provide fear for injustice. It only provides the knowledge of law and logic so that one can do corruption taking all precautions in the legal steps. The knowledge of law is useful in hiding the corruption and not in controlling the corruption. The control of corruption comes only from the concept that the omniscient God punishes the injustice and that one can never escape Him. For this concept, the very basic foundation is the acceptance of existence of God. All the science and logical analysis in education was made a tool for establishing the existence of God in the minds of the ancient students. Such students on becoming the citizens of the society always feared for sin and omniscient God. As a result of this, the corruption was not found anywhere in the society. Today, there is no place for establishing the existence of God in the entire system of education. Every student is busy only in sharpening the intelligence for the sake of earning more and more money to achieve more and more amenities, which are supposed to constitute the higher standard of life for more happiness. The concept of God always developed simple life avoiding even the minimum available amenities. All the learned scholars were sages leading very simple life in forests. All the higher education was concentrated in the sages living in forests. The people in villages and in the cities got constant guidance from these sages. Every citizen of the society was a student of the learning centers run by sages in the forest. The citizens in cities also tried to minimize even the minimum amenities and hence, there was no place for corruption. By the grace of God, peace and happiness danced in every human being.

There were several religions in ancient India. But, there were no religious conflicts and terrorism was not even heard. All the people believed that there was only one unimaginable God. Many unimaginable items are impossible. There can be many imaginable items. The unimaginable God existed in many imaginable items. Therefore, everybody was finding the one unimaginable God in every imaginable form. One may choose a specific imaginable form due to personnel liking. But, none abused another imaginable form liked by others because everybody knows that the same unimaginable God exists in every imaginable form. Everybody knows that if one insults the imaginable form selected by others, the insult goes to the same unimaginable God existing in their selected imaginable form. Therefore, one may worship a selected imaginable form, but never insulted other form selected by others. Therefore, there was no religious conflict even in words and hence, there is no place for terrorism. Due to absence of corruption, the present naxalism was also never seen. Both the worldly life (pravrutti) and the spiritual life (nivrutti) were excellent in the olden days. The present human beings have become demons since they neither know pravrutti nor nivrutti as said in the Gita (pravruttimcha nivruttimcha…).

2. Science neglects God. You can draw the attention of anybody towards a neglected point. But atheists oppose the existence of God. How to draw their attention on God so that the corruption and terrorism can be completely avoided in the society?

Negligence is the foundation of opposition. The wrong development of science is atheism. The right development of science is establishment of unimaginable God, who is the generator of space since God is beyond space. Any amount of imagination cannot touch God due to the absence of spatial dimensions of God. The positive development of science establishes unimaginable nature in God. Science in ancient India was with the positive development in the desirable right direction. Today, science is with negative development in the undesirable dangerous direction. Negligence of God is not the salient feature of science because science means the logical analysis of any topic. Therefore, science should not be silent on the topic of God. Hence, silence of science happens to be the fundamental part of the negative development of science. Today, all the science is only the negative development of science and this is not the actual basic science, which is the impartial logical analysis in any direction without shyness and prejudice. You may say that since God is beyond imagination, there is no scope for logical analysis and therefore, science is silent. This is not correct. The conclusion that God is unimaginable is also the result of vast scientific analysis only. Such vast analysis is not found anywhere in any page of the present science. Even though the absolute God is unimaginable, the relative God, who is the imaginable medium charged by the unimaginable God can be analyzed. The unimaginable events, which are the evidences for the unimaginable nature of God, are not discussed under the heading “miracles”. The infinite space having the unimaginable boundary is not discussed in science as the undisputable miracle. Therefore, we are starting the study of science with its negative development only.

However, there is a powerful argument to bring the atheist to the line of spiritual knowledge so that the social evils can be controlled since atheists are also part of the society. Such powerful concept is 50-50 probability. I have not shown the existence of the hell, where the sin is punished in this universe. But, the atheist also has not shown the absence of hell in this infinite space. In this state of situation, there is 50-50 probability of existence and non-existence of God. The hell may exist because the atheist has not taken Me to the boundary of the universe and established the absence of hell. I also could not show the existence of the hell in this space and hence, the hell may not exist. In such case, the wisdom advises to believe the existence of hell to be on safe side. Some people say that there is fire and some others say that there is no fire in the path ahead and the walker is blind. If the blind walker is wise, he will take the probability of existence of fire from the 50-50 probability and go back. By going back, nothing is lost even if the fire is absent. By going forward, the leg may burn if the fire exists. Similarly, based on this concept of 50-50 probability, if the sins are not done, there is no loss even if the hell is absent. Moreover, in the absence of sin, there will be no stress and one can live with full mental peace and confidence, which are the foundation for happiness. If the sins are done and the hell is present, the punishment is terrible in the hell in addition to the tension in this world. By this concept, you can control the sin in the pravrutti at least in the case of an atheist. This 50-50 probability about God also initiates the atheists to do intensive analysis regarding God and hence, the nivrutti is also attained. In this way, you can maintain the balance and purity of the society without any sin even though atheists exist in the society.

3. How to bring about unity among religions, which is the basis for world peace?

The quarrel between the religions comes due to the fixed notion that the God found by a religion is the absolute truth and hence, the entire humanity should accept that [God] so that, that religion alone must exist. No religion has found the absolute original form of God because it is beyond the imagination of any human being. The unimaginable God can charge any imaginable medium and in such case, such medium gets identified with the God. Every religion found by a specific human being believes that a specific imaginable medium is God. Up to this point, the religion is correct because, such imaginable medium might have been charged and is identified with God. In this way, Krishna is God, Jesus is God, Mohammed is God, Buddha is God and so on. Sometimes a religion may select a visible medium as God even if it is not charged by God. One religion says that fire is God. Another religion says that the cosmic energy, which is all pervading, is God. Based on the merits of the media, such medium can also be treated as God because any visible medium can be treated as the representative model for God in the light of the specific merit of the medium. The fire burns everything as God burns all types of the ignorance. God is all pervading like the cosmic energy. Based on these merits, fire and cosmic energy can be treated as God. You must not forget that these representing media are not actually God due to their defects. Fire cannot burn water and cosmic energy is inert. In any case, the imaginable item can never be the actual unimaginable God.

The metallic wire is charged by current. This does not mean that the metallic wire itself is current. The national flag, which is a stick and a piece of colored cloth, can be a representative model of the nation. Obviously, the flag is the not the nation. The whole problem comes when the followers of the religions feel that the selected imaginable item itself is God and that alone is God. Every metallic wire charged by current can be treated as current. You cannot say that a specific wire alone should be treated as current and other electrified wires should not be treated as current. Even if you don’t differentiate the current and wire, it does not matter much. It may be correct also due to the inseparable current from the electrified wire. But, you should say that every electrified wire is current. Similarly, the representative model can be also believed as God directly for the development of faith and devotion on God. But, every representative model should be treated as God in similar way. You accept the process of identification in one place and reject the same process of identification in another place. This is due to lack of development of analytical faculty in the human being. This is the defensive way of bringing unity in the religions.

You can also reject the difference in the religions through the way of offence. Every religion says that God understood in a specific form as per their religion, created the entire humanity. He is the Father of all the human beings. In such case, He should not be partial to some children only even in the absence of the proper reason. You say that God in a specific form gave the divine knowledge to a specific region only in a specific time. Due to lack of communication between the countries, in olden times, lot of time was taken to discover another country. In this time gap, several generations have passed away. These generations could not get the divine knowledge and such gap of communication was not their fault. Before India was discovered, at least more than a dozen generations have passed away. My ancestors in those unlucky generations went to hell since they could not worship your specific God. Had there been the communication of this specific divine knowledge to them also, at least some of them might have worshipped your specific God and might have escaped the liquid fire in the hell. Such provision exists to the recent generations. Hence, for no fault of them, they went to hell. Is this not the foolish partiality of the divine Father?

If you say that your specified region contained deserving devotees, it is also incorrect. Most of them crucified your specific God in your specific religion. There were bad people in your specific region also. There are good people in our specific region also, who have become the devotees of your specific God. Hence, every region contained both good and bad people. In such case, the impartial God should have communicated the specific divine knowledge to all countries in the world in the same instance of the time so that good followers are protected and bad escapists are punished in all times. You have no answer for this question. But, I can give the answer to this problem. From the beginning, the same unimaginable God in different imaginable human forms appeared in every region of the world and delivered the same divine knowledge in the form of different scriptures in the corresponding languages. Hence, from the beginning of the creation, knowledge was supplied to every region in uniform way. Good people, following the knowledge, were saved in any region and bad people deviating from the knowledge in any region were punished. Thus, the impartiality of God is established and now you can say that such impartial God is the creator and Father of the entire humanity.

The follower of any religion should have minimum analytical faculty in the brain to understand the above concepts. In such case, the unity of religions can be achieved. If the brain is filled with only conservative rigidity, emotion and violence, the unity of religions cannot be achieved through preaching. In such case of the situation, God will appear as the destroyer of such evil forces and will establish the peace and unity in all the religions.

4. Do you mean that there were no lapses in the ancient tradition and that all that is old is gold?

Certainly all that was old was gold as long as the sages existed. But, after sometime, the priests looking like sages appeared, who did not know the sacred Vedas due to absence of the knowledge of Sanskrit language. These priests simply recited the Vedas performing the rituals in mechanical way. This period of these foolish priests is now referred as the time of the ancient sages. In such case, we have to say that all that is old is not gold. I should tell about a few of such lapses.

Gayatri is the name of a meter, which involves the sweet process of singing to attract the mind. When the mind is attracted, the song is sung again and again. Such repetition due to absorption of mind is called as manana and therefore, it becomes mantra. Hence, such sweet song is Gayatri mantra. Both the words Gayatri and mantra indicate protection (traayate) since it is oriented to God. Upanayanam is the occasion of bringing any child of any caste near to God through the initiation of singing the divine songs. Hence, such process is universal and is not confined to any caste or sex. Since Gayatri is the name of a meter, a specific verse in such meter is named as Gayatri mantra, which is confined to a particular caste and this foolish interpretation brought the conflicts in the society. These priests are so foolish that they represented a female deity as Gayatri and the same Gayatri mantra was denied to all the females! The correct interpretation of the ancient sages is that Gayatri is the sweet divine song about God in any language to be sung again and again due to absorption of mind by any human being for receiving the divine protection.

Another foolish interpretation of these priests is about the meaning of Yajna. Yajna is the donation of food to any hungry person to save the life. You must give food to a hungry person even if he or she is an atheist. First, you must save the human life from the hunger death so that after saving life, you can convert him or her into theist by preaching the spiritual knowledge. The hunger in the stomach of the human being is the actual deity of fire (Aham vaishwaanaro… Gita) and Homa means putting food in such fire. Yajna is the process of giving better food cooked with ghee to the divine preacher, who burns the ignorance like fire. Yajna means the process of worship of Sadguru through feeding by such special food. He is called as Agni because He should be fed first. The word Agni comes from Agri, which means the first. These foolish priests have taken the word Agni for the physical fire burning with sticks. The word Ghrutam actually means the food cooked with ghee, but, this word was taken for pure ghee. The food associated with ghee can be called as ghee as per Lakshanaa Vrutti and this is understood by the Sanskrit scholars. These ignorant priests started pouring the pure ghee in the physical fire causing lot of environmental pollution and started calling such foolish action as Yajna.

Therefore, the middle age of such priests should not be misunderstood as the old age of ancient saints. All these lapses belong to the middle age of ignorant priests and not to the old age of saints. These priests waste lot of time in reciting the Vedas without seeing the books. They should spend this long duration of time to learn Sanskrit and understand the Vedas. The priest should preach the knowledge of the Vedas. In the olden times, the Vedas were preserved through recitation since the technology of books was not present. They preserved the Vedas by recitation and also studied the meaning. Now, recitation of the Vedas is unnecessary since the Vedas are already preserved in the form of printed books.

5. What is the reason for stressing the concept of human incarnation in Your preaching?

The original absolute God is unimaginable due to absence of spatial dimensions in Him. God is the generator of space, which means the spatial dimensions are absent in God. Space should be totally absent before its generation. Our intelligence cannot imagine anything, which has no spatial dimensions. Hence, God is concluded to be unimaginable. Such unimaginable God charges a specific energetic body like Brahma, Vishnu or Shiva as per Hinduism. The same energetic incarnation is called as Father of heaven in Christianity. The same energetic incarnation without form i.e., the all pervading cosmic energy charged by unimaginable God is called as Allah in Islam. This energetic incarnation is quite relevant to the human souls present in energetic bodies (angels) in the upper worlds. The departed human souls also come under this category. The energetic body of God is quite relevant to the souls existing in similar energetic bodies. In the same way, the same unimaginable God charges a human body in this world for the sake of the souls existing in materialized human bodies. Thus, the human incarnation of God is quite relevant to the human beings in this world. The main aspect of relevance is the direct contact between two similar bodies for the sake of preaching the spiritual knowledge.

The primary program of God in the incarnation is to guide the souls in correct path in pravrutti as well in nivrutti. Such direct interaction is not possible between two irrelevant dissimilar bodies. No occasion is seen in this world in which a human being is preached by the energetic incarnation of God. The inert statues and photos representing the energetic incarnations and the past human incarnations are also waste since the direct interaction of preaching is not possible. But, however, such tradition of worship of statues and photos exists for the sake of development of devotion based on the fact that there is attraction between two dissimilar bodies and repulsion between two similar bodies. The human being in this world is more attracted to the energetic incarnation and past human incarnation since there is repulsion on the contemporary incarnation existing before eyes. The three sacred epics, the Ramayana, the Bharatam and the Bhagavatam stress on Rama and Krishna, who are the human incarnations only. Hanuman and Gopikas are considered to be the top most devotees. They always worshipped the then existing contemporary human incarnations only. They never worshipped the photos and statues of either energetic incarnations or past human incarnations. These top most devotees must be our guides in the spiritual path. Of course, several Puranas deal with the praise of energetic incarnations because the majority of humanity is based on the attraction to dissimilar body and repulsion to similar body. The main point is only the relevance of the human incarnation of God to the humanity to carry on the main essential program of preaching the correct (satyam) and complete (anantam) knowledge (jnaanam) for the sake of proper guidance.