Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 15 Jun 2024


Swami answers questions of Ms. Thrylokya

1. Swami, my mother conveys her gratitude to You because today she has cleared the house loan.

[A question by Ms. Thrylokya]

Swami replied:- It is a great surprise that the soul is laughing with happiness for clearing the loan on the house. At the same time, when a worldly bond like issue or spouse is cut off due to the clearance of the loan taken in the previous birth, the soul weeps a lot! It is told that the pet animals, spouse, issues and house come into our association due to the bond from the previous birth based on clearance of loan (Ṛṇānubandharūpeṇa, paśupatnīsutālayāḥ).

2. She also conveys her gratefulness since she got a promotion and got transferred to a place still far from home.

Swami replied:- The promotion is given by God transferring your mother to a still far place from your hometown. The idea of God is that you (your mother) may be immersed in the worldly bonds more since you are economically promoted. The economical aspect (Dhaneshanaa) is also one of the three strongest worldly bonds (Eshanaatrayam), which are bonds with money, spouse and issues. In order to save you from developing more fascination to the worldly bonds present in your home, God has transferred you to a place, which is still far from your hometown. This means that you will be more detached from the worldly bonds so that you can concentrate more on God. Many employees give a lot of bribes to get transferred to their hometown so that they are more entangled in the worldly bonds. This is like purchasing a ticket to hell and neglecting heaven even though a free entrance is offered by God!