Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 02 Sep 2021


When Gopikas constantly associate with God in energetic form, won't their devotion to God reduce gradually?

[Ms. Laxmi Thrylokya asked: Swami, the entire creation is indebted to You for enlightening us about Madhura Bhakti (Vaamaachaara). In this kind of devotion, there is lot of opposition force from society and hence, devotion to God rises exponentially. Gopikas approached God through Madhura Bhakti and God gave them Goloka. Now, we also know that constant association with Lord brings negligence on God. In Goloka, when Gopikas are constantly associated with God (in energetic form), won't their devotion to God start reducing gradually? Kindly enlighten us.]

Swami Replied:- Madhurabhakti is perfectly logical and perfectly true at any point. Vaamaachaara is not Madhurabhakti. In Vaamaachaara, pleasing self exists as in the case of any worldly bond. Not only worldly bond, but also in the bond with God pleasing self exists as it is because the worship or love to God is based on some selfish benefit, which is nothing but pleasing self. In Madhurabhakti, entirely from top to bottom there is no selfishness even as a trace and only sacrifice exists. Gopikas became topmost devotees because they were prepared to go to hell and take tremendous punishments for the sake of pleasure of God Krishna. God can very easily test the devotee about his/her love to be pure and real or impure and false.

Gopikas will never get negligence towards God in Goloka because they attained God by entering care not devotion to oppose even the climax opposition from family and society. When one enjoys a fruit after getting it by passing through lot of struggle against terrible opposition forces, the enjoyment of such fruit will be always in climax. Rukmini (Goddess Mahaalakshmi) also obtained God Krishna through struggle only, but, her struggle was not as serious as that of Gopikas. Even though she enjoyed the fruit for a long time without any negligence, the negligence entered her in one occasion after a long time. When Sage Bhrugu hit the chest of God Vishnu, she left God Vishnu with anger and even though God Vishnu was running after her with mad love, she neglected God and went away. Though the fruit is one and the same for Rukmini in Brahmaloka and Gopikas in Goloka, the opposition force that was overcome by both brings the difference that in Goloka the devotee never gets negligence whereas in Brahmaloka, there is possibility of negligence. This rule of negligence in constant association does not apply to the true devotees, who are very much exceptional.