Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 13 Mar 2023


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Why did the Gopikas fail in the joint test of issues and money whereas they could overcome lust?

[Ms. Thrylokya asked: Gopikas were sages. They did a lot of penance in their previous births for God and sacrificed lust for hormonal sex by refusing even the most beautiful heavenly dancers during their penance for God. In this way, they sacrificed their selfish happiness for the sake of God by deviating from even the marriage-promise on God. When they have burnt their selfishness by their penance, why most Gopikas (sages) failed in the joint test of issues and money?}

Swami replied: If a lady lost a golden ring from her finger, does it mean that she lost all her golden jewels? The gold is still present on her body as golden bangles or golden chains. Similarly, when the sages could refuse even the heavenly dancers for the sake of their fascination for God during penance, does this mean that they have burnt all their selfishness? Even though the selfishness in sex with the other gender was burnt, the selfishness in the fascination for their children was not at all burnt. This point was proved by Sage Vyaasa, who ran after his son, Shuka, quitting the home. Hence, fascination in one worldly bond might have been crossed and this does not mean that fascination in all worldly bonds is crossed. Nobody crossed the bond with children and the chakra called Anaahata situated in the heart says that nobody crossed this wheel. ‘Anaahata’ means not beaten by anybody so far.