Shri Datta Swami

Posted on: 31 Aug 2023


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Will salvation happen only after learning complete knowledge?

1. Will salvation happen only after learning complete knowledge?

[Shri Divakar asked: Padnamaskaram Swami, As per Your answer, salvation means the natural spontaneous drop out of worldly bonds due to strong devotion to God. Here the Salvation to the soul will be spontaneous but it will happen only when it learns the complete knowledge gradually. Am I right Swami?]

Swami replied:- The complete devotion comes from complete and true spiritual knowledge only. The complete devotion alone can bring the complete spontaneous liberation from worldly bonds called as salvation.

2. Should a soul expect salvation?

Swami replied:- That is based on the wish of the soul because Nivrutti is optional and the rules of Pravrutti are mandatory. Salvation comes under Nivrutti.

3. Will the salvation of the soul fall under nivrutti?

[Salvation of the soul falls under nivrutti. Please add Your comments to this Swami and correct me if I am wrong.]

Swami replied:- Salvation means spontaneous liberation from these unreal-temporary worldly bonds due to the full attachment to the real-permanent God. Bond with the real and permanent God is Nivrutti and justified bond with the unreal-temporary world is Pravrutti.

4. Is salvation possible without the contemporary human incarnation?

[is there any soul which had achieved salvation without the help of the contemporary human incarnation like previous incarnations or God in energetic form? Regards, Divakar.]

Swami replied:- Complete attachment is possible only with the contemporary human incarnation since a bond can exist with two items having the same state of reality and nature. The human being is relatively real with relatively real awareness. The contemporary human incarnation is also relatively real with relatively real awareness as far as the external medium is concerned. Hence, a practically real bond is possible between these two items. If you take other forms:-

i) Unimaginable God:- Bond cannot exist between unimaginable and imaginable items.

ii) Energetic incarnation:- A very long penance is needed even to just see the irrelevant energetic incarnation. Moreover, the external medium of this incarnation is only energy that is present without matter and this dissimilarity with human beings causes inconvenience in the formation of a bond.

iii) Photos and statues of energetic incarnations and past human incarnations:- Awareness is absent in photos and statues making the bond meaningless, which is unlike a bond between two alive human beings. Due to the absence of awareness, true knowledge is not preached by God through photos and statues. Hence, the contemporary human incarnations like Rama, Krishna, Shankara etc., were very much convenient to devotees in the lifetimes of the incarnations. Hence, God provided this facility to human beings so that devotion is alive and not dead. The life of spirituality is only the contemporary human incarnation for living beings.