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Posted on: 27 May 2023


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Swami taking the terrible stomach pain of Thrylokya

[By Ms.Thrylokya]

With salutations to the lotus feet of my Sadguru, Shri Datta Swami, I want to share an experience of how much Swami loves His devotees. Few weeks ago, I suddenly started shivering on a summer afternoon. It was scorching sunny day but my body was shivering with cold. My sister, Samykya who saw this immediately put three heavy blankets upon me as I slept on bed. I could not join my office work and my team was worried about the deadlines. Our team is under-staffed and loaded with new work which also needs trainings. Although we were over-working to meet the deadlines, we are still under pressure. The performance of all employees is keenly observed for past few months since recession is going on. At this point of time, I cannot back out and put myself into trouble because I may lose the job. No matter how much I tried to be active, my body pains did not allow me. Temperature was high and whatever I eat was getting vomited.  I survived on coconut water for two days. At the same time, I was also suffering from continuous loose motions with severe stomach pain. The pain was as if my stomach was pierced by a bunch of needles from inside. I did not want to pray to Swami because I know that what I am suffering is just 1% of the total punishment and 99% of it taken by Swami already. I am supposed to accept this suffering with pleasure.

If I pray to Swami, I am afraid that He will take this suffering also upon Himself. Next day mid-night, I got very severe stomach pain and I was unable to bear it. My patience crossed all the limits and I prayed Swami. Immediately, within no time, all my pain disappeared. From that moment onwards, Swami is suffering with stomach pain at least for past one month. I begged Swami many times to give back my pain but Swami, the ocean of kindness, didn’t accept that. He even denied the fact that He was suffering my pain. This is nothing but the unimaginable love of God Datta. Previously, Swami said that He would take the punishments of only deserving devotees who don’t aspire anything from Him. But here, He took my suffering upon Himself although I aspired for it. I am undeserving in all dimensions but the kindest Swami is still bearing with me, my sinful qualities and their punishments. I am eternally indebted to You, Swami! This miracle is just one of the innumerous miracles, which You are doing in my life every single day. I cannot pay back Your debt even if I become Your slave until the end of this creation. You tell that only a demonic soul claiming to be the incarnation advertises about his miracles for getting name and fame. The genuine incarnation is already bored with name and fame in the upper world and hence, hides His miracles as far as possible. You are God Datta who came down to uplift sinful souls like me but in return, all You get is suffering only. Your presence in my life is a blessing to me but an utter loss to You. But still, You don’t abandon me. Perhaps, this is what is called as Unimaginable Love of Unimaginable God! I am not worthy of even trace of Your divine grace but I cannot survive in this world without You.

Your eternal slave,


Swami replied to my doubts in the following way “If a devotee asks God for help, it does not mean that such a devotee is undeserving. Similarly, if a devotee does not ask for help, it shall not mean necessarily that the devotee is deserving. Deservingness and undeservingness depend on the nature of the soul, which is permanent in having the tendency of aspiration or no aspiration. A diamond is the diamond even if the diamond asks God for help. A stone is a stone even if it does not ask God for help. You are thinking that Swami is suffering. But, Swami is Yogeshwara, God Datta, who enjoys the suffering like hot dishes in meals. If you are objecting my suffering, it means that you are objecting me to eat hot dishes even though I like them most. Is it justified on your part?”