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[Shri Datta Swami decorated by devotees as Lord Dattatreya and other incarnations]

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Universal Spirituality for World Peace

His Holiness Shri Datta Swami is a world-renowned Master of spiritual knowledge. Shri Swami is believed to be a complete incarnation of God Datta by His close devotees. By correlating scriptures of major religions and through logical analysis, Shri Swami explains — “Every religion says that their God created this entire world. Since there is only one world, there should be one God, who must be impartial to all the children in the universe. The same single Unimaginable God revealed Himself in different human forms, in different places across the world and at different times to preach the same spiritual knowledge in different languages and cultures.…”

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Miraculous Experiences of the Devotees of Swami

Miracles are the very basis of spirituality. They create an initial attraction in the mind, which is necessary to build one’s concentration on the spiritual knowledge (jñāna yoga), and further on theoretical devotion (bhakti yoga) and practical devotion (karma yoga).

Numerous devotees have been blessed by Shri Datta Swami with several miraculous experiences. Swami gave divine visions to the devotees by appearing as some Energetic or Human Incarnation of God. Swami has also cured the illnesses and physical suffering of many devotees by bearing their suffering on His own body. Apart from these, there have been numerous other miracles performed by Swami. Read further for numerous thrilling accounts of miracles experienced by the devotees of Swami and find the most inspiring stories of their spiritual journeys in their own words…

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Unification of Religions


A christian Father: Those who do not have faith in Jesus Christ are destined to be consigned to the flames of liquid fire in Hell.

Shri Datta Swami: Does that mean that there is no salvation to all the devotees who lived on this earth prior to the incarnation of Jesus Christ…

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Aim of human life

avatīrṇa naro brahma
mārgaḥ karma phalārpaṇam |
jīvaḥ sṛṣṭikaṇaḥ sṛṣṭiḥ
mithyā tasyaiva nātmanaḥ ||

This means "The human incarnation is God for human beings. The path to please Him is only the sacrifice of work and the fruit of work in His divine mission. The soul is an iota of the creation. The creation is unreal (mithya) for God alone and not for the soul."

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Swami's Philosophy in nutshell


The entire philosophy of Shri Datta Swami's entitled as Dattasvāmi-Trisūtra-Matam can be given in 3 names. Each of the names is respectively with regard to (1) the God, who is to be known through the philosophy (2) the soul, who is the knower of the philosophy and (3) the knowledge of the path for the soul to get the grace of God.

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Exclusive Works of Swami

Mahima Yamuna

Mahima Yamuna (Yamuna River of Miracles) is a collection of miracles experienced by the devotees of Swami. Swami says "Generation of faith is in atheists and development of faith is in devotees of low level aspiring for solutions of their personal problems. Scholars of high level devotion serve God without aspiration for any fruit in return. In spite of this fact, miracles are essential for the initial attraction of the attention of the devotees."


Bhakti Ganga


Bhakti Ganga (Ganga River of Devotion) is a collection of several devotional songs (Bhajans) on various forms of God, spontaneously composed and sung by Swami. Swami says "Just as the scriptures and satsangs are instrumental for attaining Jnaana yoga, devotional songs (bhajans) are instrumental for attaining devotion or bhakti yoga. These songs increase the devotion towards God enormously".


Jnana Saraswati

Jnana Saraswati or Saraswati River of spiritual knowledge is a compilation of thousands of discourses given by Swami. These discourses cover a wide range of subject areas like – Unification of religions for World Peace, Science and Spirituality, Advaita, Unified Vedanta, Pravrutti (path of worldly justice),Nivrutti (path of liberation), Parabrahma Sutras, Avatara Sutras etc., in different languages (Sanskrit, Telugu and English).

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Featured Articles

Among several of Swami's spiritual preachings, selected featured articles are given below for a quick overview. These are mainly categorized into three subject areas namely: 1) Pravrutti or following the Path of worldy justice, 2) Nivrutti or following path of liberation and 3) featured articles for intellectuals.

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